What exactly is a Stablecoin? And how do you buy them?

Russians started to buy stablecoins in large numbers after the launch of a special operation to stop Ukraine. Let’s find out the reasons why this cryptocurrency is popular, how you can purchase stablecoins, and who it could help facing sanctions.

What is Stablecoin?

To estimate кардано for goods and services in the offline world the majority of people employ fiat currencies. However the world of cryptocurrency comes with its own set of metrics that include the amount and number of transactions that occur on the blockchain, block sizes, hashrate and so on. We created a digital asset that is tied to fiat currencies and precious metals to add more features to the Blockchain.

Stablecoins (digital coins) are linked to US dollars (USD) in a ratio of 1:1. Tether introduced USDT in the year 2015 as the very first cryptocurrency. There are also other stablecoins on the market, such as Circle’s USDC, or BUSD that is created by the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. The company that created the coin is identified by the letter that ends in.

Stablecoins make it easy to convert fiat savings into digital currency that can then be instantly traded or used to invest. Stablecoins are also a great way to make money from your cryptocurrency savings. When you are experiencing high volatility, it is possible to transform your cryptocurrency into stablecoins in order to keep an eye on conditions. And the main advantage of using stablecoins is that when the exchange rate of the nation’s currency is unstable and there are difficulties with purchasing a foreign currency the stablecoins can be a viable solution for settlements and increase the safety of their savings.

Why has https://telegra.ph/Why-is-Cardano-establishing-Africa-04-25 for stablecoins grown?

Russia’s need for cryptocurrency to safeguard savings has grown in the last two weeks. In addition, the number of cryptocurrency users as well as the deposits of rubles has grown on exchanges for cryptocurrency. The second most sought-after cryptocurrency, after bitcoin, are stablecoins and in particular USDT.

The data shows that since the end of February, the number of people visiting various trading platforms has increased by about 3%. Because the stablecoin is a replacement for cash American dollars (which it is not possible to purchase right now), interest in USDT is higher than demand for bitcoins and the other prominent cryptocurrency.

EXMO cryptocurrency platform witnessed an increase in the amount of rubles that are deposited. Binance has stopped accepting Russian Visa and Mastercard cards that are issued in Russia.

For Russians who have been overseas, cryptocurrency and particularly, stablecoins are an ideal option to transfer money between countries while Russia is under Western sanctions. Stablecoins can be used to quickly transfer savings between rubles as well as foreign currencies.

Individuals who make transactions using cryptocurrency have witnessed an increase in volume and price on p2p platforms. The platform acts as an intermediary in the transaction and a guarantor. After purchasing a cryptocurrency and transferring it into his crypto wallet and then to a bank card.

What is the best way to buy Stablecoins Now

Crypto Exchanges

The safest way to protect yourself from fraudsters is to buy stablecoins on a centralized exchange. Some exchanges have imposed restrictions that make it difficult or impossible for Russian passport holders to use, making it very difficult to use certain of them. Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges (DEX) which don’t store user money can be a viable option. A commission is charged for every operation that takes place on a DEX platform.

P2P platforms

It is a model of equal-to-equal interaction. There are a variety of p2p sites which connect users who are looking and require to trade or purchase stablecoins. You can find some great offers on buying cryptocurrency for rubles. In addition the platform itself functions as a security for the transaction.

Two steps are necessary to complete the transaction

The buyer will transfer to the seller’s credit card the amount the buyer wants to purchase stablecoins.

The seller will then send the buyer a cryptocurrency that can be put into his cryptocurrency wallet.

You should only use reputable and tested p2p platforms to avoid losing money. Before you make any purchase be sure to check the number of orders as well as the percentage of the order being completed. The seller is more reliable if they have numerous orders. You won’t be “thrown” if your success rate is low however, the website is well-known and popular. But, you could encounter delays or slow response from the seller.


There are two types of exchangers for cryptocurrency:

Online: In the online exchanger, the user enters his information into a particular form, receives payment details in rubles, completes a transfer and receives cryptocurrency in his account.

The online exchangers will process your payment automatically. Make sure you verify the amount before you transfer rubles. In the event that you do not, the robot might not recognize your payment. You’ll be charged a commission of between 3-10 percent for exchanger’s services.

Online exchangers are similar to branches of banks. That means you can conduct transactions when you visit the exchanger.

How do you get rid of restrictions?

Cryptocurrencies are among the only a few options that can be used to save capital in the event that the ruble drops and it is impossible to purchase dollars or euros. Similar circumstances have been witnessed in Turkey, Venezuela, and Turkey.

Stablecoins, which are digital equivalents to the dollar can be a great alternative to foreign currencies. In contrast to other crypto currencies, they don’t suffer from volatility.

In general, experts suggest using stablecoins to perform actions that are currently not available in Russia due to the restrictions that are imposed. After performing these operations it is best to transfer stablecoins to cash or decentralized cryptocurrency.