The Attorney General’s office will conduct an investigation General Zapateiro to determine if he is involved in politics

petro gustavo will notify General Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro (Army commander) of the opening of an investigation about his involvement in politics. gustavo petro follows the controversial trills where Zapateiro made reference to Gustavo Petro as a presidential candidate.

Before launching an investigation preliminary before launching a preliminary investigation, the Attorney General’s Office had examined several elements. confirmed that the account was indeed the official account of the Army commanding officer.

After reviewing the disciplinary lawyers and analyzing their disciplinary cases, the Public Prosecutor’s Office concluded that there was enough evidence to believe that General Zapateiro violated rules prohibiting public force members not to take sides in electoral contests and exercising an aggressive stance.

General Zapateiro, who was responding to the presidential candidate via Twitter posted a message. included one that’s controversial in which he states “I have not seen any general on TV receive unreliable cash.” Colombians have seen money being taken from a garbage bag.

Different political groups weighed in on it and offered their views on behalf of the general and the candidate. Keep in mind that the Office is also investigating allegations of political involvement. For instance Zapateiro’s letter to the mayors at Medellin, Daniel Quintero; Cartagena William Dau Claudia Lopez; the mayor of Bogota Claudia Lopez; and the mayor of Bogota Claudia Lopez; and Manizales Carlos Mario Marin. gustavo petro to the governor of Caqueta Arnulfo Gasca.