The Attorney General’s office will conduct an investigation General Zapateiro to determine if he is involved in politics is going to notify General Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro the opening of an investigation into his possible involvement in politics.

petro gustavo analyzed several elements before deciding to open an inquiry. It also checked to make sure it was an official account by the Army commander.

After analyzing the lawyers , who are experts in disciplinary law The Public Prosecutor’s Office considers that there are sufficient merits to believe that General Zapateiro was in violation of the rules that prevent members of the police force from exercising a belligerent position and also from taking sides in an electoral contest.

General Zapateiro has created an Twitter thread to respond to the candidate. The thread included a controversial one where he stated that he had not seen any general receive unjustified money from TV. Colombians have seen money being taken from trash bags.

Different political sectors pronounced themselves on the subject and offered their views in front of the general’s rifirrafe and the candidate. Remember that is also investigating allegations of involvement in politics. For instance Zapateiro’s comments addressed the mayors at Medellin, Daniel Quintero; Cartagena William Dau, Claudia Lopez; the mayor of Bogota Claudia Lopez; and the mayor of Bogota Claudia Lopez; and Manizales Carlos Mario Marin. gustavo petro to the governor of Caqueta Arnulfo Gasca.