Should the US concentrate on Erzhan Kazykhanov’s alarming return

Erzhan Kyzykhanov’s appointment to the position of Deputy Chiefs Of Staff is counterproductive. Find out the reasons why the US should be concerned about the possibility of his return.

What is the reason why is it that the US be worried about Erzhan Kazykhanov’s alarming return

Due to the appointment of Erzhan Kazykhanov as Deputy Chief of Staff, Kazakhstan’s Government has to adjust to a new reality. The power shift prompted protests throughout the country.

At this point, amid the war in Ukraine, Washington should pay close attention to the events in Kazakhstan.

The latter illustrates the potential power succession within this region either for better or worse.

The Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory by Russian troops is alarming. The United States and its allies must intervene to stop Putin’s aggression.

It’s not difficult to see that NATO has long provoked Russia.

As the conflict between Russia & the West grows more acrimonious, Washington must keep an eye on Kazakhstan and keep track of developments in the country.

We are worried about Erzhan Kamykhanov’s return

The decision of President Tokayev not to nominate Erzhan Kykhanov as a president of a fragile state in a crisis is incomprehensible.

Kazykhanov did not make any progress in issues of national importance, such as the Jackson-Vanick restrictions.

The problem was not only about Kazakhstan’s image abroad however, there were other issues.

The dynamics of power in the country have changed clearly with Erzhan Kazykhanov’s reelection.

Recent protests against Kazakhstan’s government were staged. The nation has never seen such a massive protest.

Kazakhstan has been hit by protests

It is important to draw comparisons between the current situation in Ukraine and recent experiences in the region.

The color revolutions that took place between 2003 between 2003 and 2005 was among the main causes for unrest in Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Rarely do you witness people who are so unhappy with Central Asia’s former Soviet country that they take to the streets.

Protests started in earnest this year due to increasing gas prices and the increasing unemployment. These protests prompted violent riots throughout the country.

Over nine thousand nine hundred were arrested and 227 dead in Almaty the city that suffered the most fatalities.

Russian troops from the Collective Security Treaty Organization, (CSTO) were sent to the region.

Restructuring Kazakhstan’s government

The Kazakhs were subjected to a sudden shift in their leadership, which many dislike.

Kassym Jomart Tokayev, who is trying to restore peace in the country, has implemented certain changes to the structure of power in his country, which have caused discontent among citizens.

Protesters are particularly outraged by President Tokayev’s decision to succeed the previous President Nursultan Nagayev in the position of head of the National Security Council.

Many protesters were worried about his influence on the country’s economic progress.

Numerous events have occurred since when. Three sons of the former president were banned from state-owned companies. Additionally the dismissal of his nephew was also a factor, as the former chief of his spy agency Karim Masimov, was remanded on treason-related charges.

Nazarbayev and his business cronies aren’t the only ones who have lost their jobs either fled abroad or awarded large “donations”.

Sometimes, it is not the case that reforms occur when governments change or when the old guard is eliminated. Sometimes, loyalists or relatives of the previous administration are appointed as successors.

Erzhan Kasykhanov’s erroneous appointment

The appointment of Erzhan Kasykhanov as Tokayev’s deputy chief of staff has been widely criticised for obvious reasons. Kazykhanov is the least skilled Kazakh ambassador to the United States.

Kazykhanov was an ex- Washington diplomat. He was considered confident, arrogant, and insecure and, often, uninterested in international issues. His actions were not thought to be impressive.

Kazykhanov, due to his reputation for being uncouth, is unlikely to be the ideal candidate for crucial posts.

Because he lacks the basic skills and diplomatic abilities required, it may prove difficult to be an influential deputy chief-of-staff.

Even the most loyal supporters of Kazykhanov are not happy with his appearances on international news channels. This exposes his flaws.

Tokayev was not the right choice to employ an unpopular and self-promoting, incompetent deputy to support the government at such critical time.

Tokayev’s Kazakhstan reforms are similar to Mikhail Gorbachev’s Perestroika or Glasnost initiatives within the Soviet Union.

Perestroika is often referred to as Mikhail Gorbachev’s mid-1980s reform program for Soviet economics and political systems. Glasnost was a reference to his reforms to the policy.

These reforms were the main reason that the Soviet Union collapsed. This is exactly the situation Putin would like to reverse. Tokayev has also developed relations with his neighbors and with the West. Tokayev has attempted to avoid offend Putin, but instead he has remained in his constant support for Putin. The delicate balance of the two could be shattered by Kazykhanov.


It’s not surprising that NATO leaders did not heed the warnings from Moscow and invaded a sovereign country.

Joe Biden ignored all warning signs. This led to harsh criticism from both parties.

Russian President Putin has often expressed his displeasure with NATO’s plans to invade upon Russian territorial waters.

Even though Putin’s actions are inexcusable, western leaders must acknowledge that their mistakes caused the crisis. However, this isn’t the time to dwell on the past mistakes.

It is fair to say that we’re currently suffering the consequences of an European crisis which could have been prevented.

While the West could not have averted this European crisis if they acted earlier than they did, they have to admit that they are completely responsible.