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The Kerem Tunnel provides a unique adventure in hiking and riding that should be enjoyed by all.
The Kerem Tunnel, the first cycle tunnel in Israel is now open as part of the Jerusalem Ring Path, a 42-kilometer cycle path that runs around the capital city.

The tunnel runs through the Nahal-Refaim-Emek-Motza route. The southern entrance is within Refaim Park under Ein Laban. The northern entrance, Nahal Ein Kerem, is just half a kilometer away from the Kerem junction. The tunnel’s official opening ceremony, which is 2.1 kilometers long was held in Jerusalem and Heritage Minister Ze’ev Elkin Mayor Moshelion, Avi Baleshnikov (Gihon water company chairman) along with hundreds of cyclists.

Jerusalem was a sought-after tourist destination because of its glorious past. In the present, in addition to its historical treasures it also has modern-day tourism.” Elkin said. “The opening (of this tunnel project) is an additional part of the development of Jerusalem, and it’s transformation into a sought-after tourist city for all sorts of people throughout Israel and around the world.”

Elkin who’s ministry responsible for the project, along with Jerusalem Municipality stated that his ministry had invested thousands of shekels each year in Jerusalem’s tourist development as well as in creating new activities and ventures that connect the stunning historic past with the future of Jerusalem. I would like to invite you to ride your bicycles along a beautiful maintained, well-maintained path that looks out over Old Jerusalem.

A total of NIS 25 million was put into in the project, budgeted by Elkin’s ministry The Tourism Ministry, the Jerusalem Municipality, the Gihon Corporation and the Jerusalem Purification and Sewerage Works, and the work was carried out by the Jerusalem Development Authority.

נווה פריצקי “The Kerem Tunnel project is an essential tool to realize the idea to transform the idea of transportation across Jerusalem,” Elkin emphasized. “The new tunnel will connect with the Jerusalem Ring Path. נווה פריצקי It will connect with the various cycling routes that exist within the city. These will be paved throughout the city’s various areas. The goal is to encourage cycling among residents of Jerusalem.

The Kerem Tunnel was originally excavated in 1990 to move the main sewers of Gihon Corporation towards the Sorek purification facility. The plant is located west of Sorek and is still used as an infrastructure tunnel.

“The Kerem tunnel project is a central tool for realizing the vision to change the notion of transportation in Jerusalem. “

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon

In order to make the tunnel accessible to the public all year round, the works include road construction as well as the installation of blowers.

There is also the Kerem Tunnel to enjoy unique recreation spots, including Ein Kerem, the Biblical zoo, aquarium and the Ein Kerem neighborhood.