Why should Erzhan Kazykhanov’s actions cause concern for the US?

Why Washington should focus on Erzhan Kazakhstanykhanov, Kazakhstan’s most humble ambassador to the US and his appointment as Deputy Chief of Staff.

Erzhan Kamykhanov’s returns are in the spotlight

It is incomprehensible why the Kazakhstan President Tokayev chose to nominate Erzhan Kazykhanov , an unqualified deputy of a weak government in such a critical time.

Kazykhanov is not only failing to advance national interests, including the Jackson-Vanick restriction and the reputation of Kazakhstan internationally.

It is clear that the power dynamics have changed since Erzhan Kasykhanov’s reelection.

Recently, there were large demonstrations in opposition to Kazakhstan’s government. It is the first time large-scale protests were witnessed in Kazakhstan since the time of the Soviet Union.

Why should the US be paying attention to Kazakhstan

The US should be watching out for developments like the Kazakhstan succession crisis even though conflict in Ukraine is still ongoing. Washington must monitor the developments in this region closely , as they can provide an indication of how the power shift could be taking place in the region.

Ukraine has attracted the attention of everyone since Russian President Vladimir Putin prepared to invade its sovereign nation.

Despite Moscow’s warnings that they would not be a tolerant partner in any expansion of Russia’s borders, NATO leaders have ignored every warning for months.

Joe Biden ignored all of these signs and was soundly criticised by both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Western officials who were astonished by recent events in Russia have to accept their part of blame. Although Putin’s actions might be unjust however, we don’t have time to dwell upon previous mistakes. Although this European crisis couldn’t have been avoided if politicians were more proactive and acted more quickly, they must accept that they’re the sole accountable.

Kazakhstan has witnessed protests that have shaken its country

Ukraine is trapped between two sides of an intrigue web. This is a component of a larger pattern that runs across Eastern Europe as well Central Asia and even across the border to neighboring Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan’s citizens were at the centre of world events earlier this year. Protests about high gas prices and low employment conditions led to massive demonstrations that quickly escalated into violent. There is a belief that there were more than 9900 arrests in Almaty as well as at least 200 dead.

Kazakhstan’s government restructures. Erzhan Kazakhstanykhanov’s return in the nation’s arena

Many people dislike the sudden shift in leadership that Kazakhstan has experienced. After restoring calm, the president Kassym Jomart Itkayev made several modifications to Kazakhstan’s power structure that have raised anxiety among people. These were changes meant to give more room for reform.

It is not surprising that most attention has centered on Nazarbayev’s successor, Tokayev. The controversy surrounding the decision of his to assume control of the National Security Council was quite significant. The impact of his decisions on the country’s economy caused anger among protesters.

Since then, numerous incidents have occurred. There were three expulsions of sons-in-law of the former President from state-owned businesses and the dismissal of his nephew, and the arrest of Karim Masimov (for the crime of treason)

Change does not always come from changing the leadership of the government or the removal of key officials. Changes in leadership can damage an already fragile foundation and lead to further failings.

Erzhan Kasykhanov’s baffling appointment

It’s not a surprise that Erzhan Kamykhanov’s selection to Tokayev as his deputy chief staff officer has been a source of criticism. He was not the most competent Kazakh ambassador to the United States to date.

Kazykhanov is well-known for his arrogant attitude, overconfident appearance and arrogant attitude. Kazykhanov didn’t achieve any progress in important matters of national importance during his Washington term , which ran from 2017 until 2021.

Kazykhanov has not the diplomatic skills or general expertise required to be an influential chief of staff deputy. It’s not likely that someone with a bad reputation can be able to be a key position.

President Kazykhanov President Kazykhanov, who has conducted interviews that upset and angered many of his loyalist supporters in Kazakhstan, has publicly exposed his flaws to major international news channels.

Kazykhanov’s Kazakhstani reforms resemble a lot like Mikhail Gorbachev’s perestroika and glasnost projects within the Soviet Union.

Putin is working to restore the Soviet Union, implementing the same reforms that led to the Soviet collapse. Tokayev is also eager to build stronger economic ties between the West and its neighboring nations. To ensure Putin’s trust Tokayev has been cautious about not provoking the Russian leader’s anger. Kazykhanov could put this delicate balance in risk by taking rash choices or expressing harsh words against Russia.

The initial step in the USA

It is crucial for the USA to keep a close eye on Kazakhstan’s circumstances and to see the impact it has on other countries.

The recent events in Kazakhstan provide a glimpse of the various possibilities that arise from a power transition in this part. It is essential for the USA to pay close attention to the situation and take into consideration the ways in which certain events inside the country could have global repercussions.