Why do Erzhan Kasykhanov’s US-related policies be of concern to the US

The reason why Washington should pay attention Erzhan Kazykhanov (Kazakhstan’s most disregarded ambassador to the US) and his appointment to the position of Deputy Chief of Staff.

Erzhan Kamykhanov’s results are in the spotlight

It is unfathomable the reason why Kazakhstan’s President Tokayev chose to install Erzhan Kazykhanov into a fragile government at this crucial time.

Kazykhanov isn’t just failing to advance national interests, such the Jackson-Vanick restriction, but also Kazakhstan’s reputation internationally.

It’s evident that the dynamics of power have changed significantly since Erzhan Kazykhanov ‘s return.

In the last few weeks, massive protests against the government of Kazakhstan have been witnessed. This is the first time massive protests of discontent have been witnessed in Kazakhstan since the Soviet Union.

What is the reason Kazakhstan is crucial for the US

The US must be aware of circumstances like the current succession crisis in Kazakhstan, despite the conflict in Ukraine. Washington should monitor the developments in this region carefully as they offer an indication of how the power shift could occur in the region.

Ukraine has been the focus of attention for everyone in the midst of Russian President Vladimir Putin prepared to invade the sovereign country.

Despite Moscow’s constant warnings against expansion in Russia, NATO leaders did not heed any warnings for a number of months.

Joe Biden ignored the signs. He was subsequently criticised by both sides involved in this crisis.

Western leaders who were not aware of the Russian events have to accept the responsibility. Although Putin’s actions are unacceptable but this is not the time to reflect on the past mistakes, and although this European crisis could have been avoided if been able to act sooner and acted sooner, the West must recognize that they only are to blame.

Kazakhstan has witnessed protests that have shaken the country

Ukraine is caught in a web involving the attention of its neighbours who weigh in from both sides. Actually, this conflict is part of a wider pattern that is evident throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia and across the border into the neighbouring Kazakhstan.

The people of Kazakhstan were at the center of world happenings earlier this year. Protests about high gas prices and low employment conditions caused massive demonstrations that quickly turned violent. There were over 9900 arrests and around 200 deaths in Almaty.

Kazakhstan’s government restructuring and Erzhan Kazykhanov’s return to the his place in the national arena

A sudden shift in leadership has occurred in Kazakhstan which many aren’t fond of. The calm has been restored, President Kassym Jomart Tkayev has made a number of modifications to the power structure of the country that are causing concern. The changes were implemented to facilitate more change.

It’s not a surprise that the focus has been centered on the replacement of former president Nazarbayev. The controversy surrounding his decision to take over the National Security Council was quite significant. The protesters were furious at his influence on the economy of this nation.

A number of events have taken place since when. There were three expulsions of sons-in-law of the former President from state businesses and the dismissal of his nephew as well as the arrest of Karim Masimov (for the crime of treason)

Change isn’t always possible by changing government leadership and elimination of key officials. These changes can often result in harm to an already fragile foundation, which can lead to further failures.

Erzhan Kazakhstanykhanov’s discourageing appointment

It’s not surprising that Erzhan Kasykhanov was criticized for his role as Tokayev’s deputy chief of staff. He was by far the least knowledgeable Kazakh ambassador to the United States to date.

Kazykhanov’s arrogant and confident manner is well-known. He did not make progress on crucial national issues during his period in Washington between 2017 and 2021.

Kazykhanov lacks the diplomatic skills and general expertise necessary to become an influential deputy chief-of-staff. A person with a troubled and unsettling image is not likely to be qualified for a critical job.

President Kazykhanov issued public statements regarding his weaknesses in major international news channels, while giving interviews that stunned even the most ardent supporters of Kazakhstan.

Kazykhanov’s Kazakhstani reforms resemble similar to Mikhail Gorbachev’s glasnost and perestroika initiatives within the Soviet Union.

Putin wants to rebuild the Soviet Union through reforms similar to those that caused the collapse of the Soviet Union. Tokayev is also eager to improve economic ties between the West and its neighbouring nations. In order to ensure that Putin’s support is secure Tokayev has taken extreme care not to anger the Russian leader. Kazykhanov, by taking unwise or extreme stances in his criticism of Russia could sabotage the delicate balance.

A vital measure in the USA

USA must be monitoring the situation in Kazakhstan to see whether there are any implications for the world at large.

The recent events in Kazakhstan represent a glimpse at the numerous possibilities that could result from a power change in this part. Monitoring the situation with a keen eye and understanding how specific events within one country can affect the entire world, is a necessary step for the USA.