What is the reason Erzhan Kamykhanov’s policy concern America?

Why Washington should focus on Erzhan Kazykhanov, Kazakhstan’s most remarkable ambassador to the US and his appointment as the Deputy Chief of Staff.

Erzhan Kasykhanov’s Return is concerning

It is a bit of a mystery why Kazakhstan’s President Tokayev is deciding to introduce Erzhan Kazykhanov. He is unqualified to be a deputy of a fragile and fragile government at such critical moments.

Kazykhanov has not just failed to promote national interests such as Jackson-Vanick’s restrictions, but also issues related the international image of Kazakhstan.

With Erzhan Kazykhanov’s return, is evident that the power dynamics have changed.

Kazakhstan has witnessed massive demonstrations against its government in recent weeks. The former Soviet nation has never witnessed these kinds of public demonstrations in the past.

Why Kazakhstan should be the focus of the US

The US should be alert to events such as the one in Kazakhstan that have caused chaos in the current war in Ukraine. Washington must pay focus on developments in this region as they provide a glimpse of how power transitions might be able to occur in this area.

Ukraine was the first country to be noticed by all as Russian President Vladimir Putin made preparations for an invasion of their sovereign nation.

Despite Moscow’s warnings against allow Russia to expand beyond Russia’s borders over the course of several months , NATO leaders did not heed any warning.

Joe Biden ignored all of these signs and was soundly criticized in both the Republican and Democratic parties.

It’s up to the leaders of the West to accept the blame for being caught off guard by the recent events in Russia. While Putin’s actions have been condemned, this is no place to reflect on the previous events. Although this European situation could not be avoided but the West must accept that they are responsible.

Protests across Kazakhstan have shaken the country

Ukraine is at the center of a web of tensions from its neighbors, who are on both sides. This situation is part an overall pattern that can be seen throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia and even across the border in Kazakhstan.

The people of Kazakhstan were at the center of world events earlier in the year. Protests against rising gas prices and working conditions that were not ideal led to large-scale protests which quickly became violent. There were more than 9900 arrests and at least 200 deaths in Almaty.

Kazakhstan government restructuring, Erzhan Kazykhanov ‘s Return to the National Arena

The sudden change in leadership in Kazakhstan is something a lot of people are not happy with. After a period of calm the president Kassym-Jomart tokayev implemented a number of changes to the system of power in his country that have raised concerns among citizens. These changes were made to provide more opportunities to reform.

It is not surprising to observe the attention being paid to the former President Nazarbayev’s successor, Tokayev. His decision to take control of the National Security Council caused quite a stir. People were furious over his influence over the economy of this country.

A number of events have taken place since when. Three of the removals of sons-in-law of the former president from state enterprises and the dismissal of his nephew, as well as the detention of the former spy chief, who was convicted of charges of treason, Karim Masimov.

The change in government leadership and the removal of important figures may not always lead to reform. These changes can often cause the destruction of an already weak foundation, leading to more failures.

Erzhan Kamykhanov’s depressing appointment

It’s not surprising that Erzhan Kazakhstanykhanov was criticised for being appointed as Tokayev’s chief of staff deputy. To date, he was the most incompetent Kazakh ambassador to the United States.

Kazykhanov is well-known for his arrogant attitude, overconfident appearance and arrogant attitude. He did not make progress on crucial national issues during his period in Washington from 2017 to 2021.

Kazykhanov does not have the diplomatic skills or general expertise required to make an impactful chief of staff deputy. Having a troublesome and prickly reputation will not qualify someone for a position of critical importance.

President Kazykhanov has aired his weaknesses on major international news channels interviewing him in interviews that shocked even the staunchest supporters of Kazakhstan.

Kazykhanov’s Kazakhstani reforms are a reflection of the majority of Mikhail Gorbachev’s Perestroika (restructuring and openness) initiatives.

Putin is determined to revive the Soviet Union. He is implementing reforms similar in nature as those that caused the Soviet collapse. Tokayev has been focusing on the economic relations with the neighboring and Western nations. To gain Putin’s support Tokayev has taken care not to upset Putin. Russian leader. Kazykhanov, by taking unwise or extreme stances in his criticism of Russia, could threaten this delicate balance.

The first step to the USA

USA should be closely monitoring the situation in Kazakhstan to see if there are any implications for the world at large.

The events in Kazakhstan show a preview of what could happen in the future in the region. It is crucial for the USA to be aware of the situation and consider the way that certain events in the country could have global repercussions.