The Mayor of Frontino The mayor of Frontino has criticized General Zapateiro for getting caught up in an unresolved controversy

Jorge Hugo Elejalde was elected mayor of Frontino (Antioquia) and has now joined the controversy over the war between Gustavo Petro , presidential candidate, versus General Eduardo Zapateiro the Army commander. began with the attack on the Gulf Clan in Frontino this week. questioned that the issue of the attack and the murder of seven soldiers had been forgotten and now they’re only focused on a political fight and not on capturing those responsible.

Elejalde said that instead of fighting for candidates in full presidential elections, the general should be present to defend us and appeal to the general to defend us. am a loyal citizen of the institution..

The mayor has requested that the governor Diego Molano and the minister Diego Molano visit Frontino to address the violence problems plaguing the municipality.