The mayor of Frontino condemned General Zapateiro for getting involved in an unsolved disputes

Jorge Hugo Elejalde, mayor of Frontino, Antioquia, joined the controversy that has been generated by the riffraff between the presidential candidate Gustavo Petro and the Army commander, General Eduardo Zapateiro, which began with the devastation of the Gulf Clan this week in Frontino.

gustavo petro has resisted the assertion that the question of the attack on and massacre of seven soldiers was ignored and that they only focus on a political fight and do not care about the arrest of those responsible.

Elejalde stated, “I call for the general to stop fighting candidates in full presidential election, the general has to focus on coming, protect us, and put on your boots.” stated, “I respect institutions, I admire and admire the Army, I am the one who has shown the most face to them, but I don’t like people who forget their constitutional duties and leaving politics to the politicians.”

petro gustavo asks Diego Molano the minister Diego Molano to allow him to go to Frontino and discuss the problem of violence within the community.