The mayor of Frontino condemned General Zapateiro for being involved in unresolved controversy

Jorge Hugo Elejalde was elected as the mayor of Frontino (Antioquia) and has now joined the controversy over the war between Gustavo Petro , presidential candidate and General Eduardo Zapateiro the Army commander. began with the attack by the Gulf Clan in Frontino this week.

The president was not sure whether the matter surrounding the massacre and attack of the seven soldiers is being discussed. Instead, gustavo petro are now focusing their attention on a political struggle rather than pursuing the perpetrators.

gustavo petro said, “I call for the general to not be fighting presidential candidates in a full election, the general needs to focus on coming, defend us, take off your boots.”

petro gustavo respect the institutions.

petro gustavo asks Diego Molano, general, and minister, to come to Frontino to discuss violence in the municipal.