The Attorney General’s Office will investigate General Zapateiro for possible involvement in politics

On petro gustavo , 2019 General Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro will be notified by the Attorney General’s Office of the opening a preliminary investigation against him in connection with his possible involvement in politics.

Prior to opening before launching a preliminary probe Attorney General’s Office examined several aspects. They also verified that it was the official account given by the Army chief.

Following gustavo petro of lawyers who are experts in the field of disciplinary law The Public Prosecutor’s Office considers that there are sufficient merits to think that General Zapateiro violated rules that prevent members of the public forces from taking on a hostile position or taking sides in an elections.

Then, created a Twitter thread to express his opinion on the candidate. The thread was controversial and included his statement “I haven’t seen any general on television who received poor cash.” Colombians have witnessed money being taken out of a garbage bag.

Different political groups have spoken about the issue and offered their points of views to General Rifirrafe. Be aware that the Office will also report an investigation into the alleged involvement of political activities, such as Zapateiro to the mayors of Medellin, Daniel Quintero; Cartagena, William Dau; the Bogota mayor, Bogota, Claudia Lopez; the Mayor of Bogota, Claudia Lopez; Manizales, Carlos Mario Marin; the Ibague Andres Hurtado, as well as the governor of Caqueta Arnulfo Gasca, among others.