The Attorney General’s Office will conduct an investigation General Zapateiro regarding potential involvement in politics.

On April 25, this Monday, the Attorney General’s Office will notify the Army commander General Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro, of the beginning of an investigation into Zapateiro for possible involvement in politics following the controversial trills in which he refers to presidential candidate Gustavo Petro .

Prior to launching an investigation, the Attorney General’s Office reviewed several aspects. confirmed that the information was accurate.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has examined the evidence and concluded that General Zapateiro broke the rules prohibiting members of the public force to be a part of an electoral contest.

It was then that General Zapateiro began a Twitter thread to respond to the presidential candidate. The one that was controversial contained his comment “I haven’t seen a general on TV receiving low money.” gustavo petro have seen you pull money from bags of garbage.

Different sections of the political spectrum were vocal on the subject and voiced their opinions before the general vote and the election. Be that the Office is also investigating allegations of involvement in politics. For to the mayors at Medellin, Daniel Quintero; Cartagena William Dau, Claudia Lopez; the mayor of Bogota Claudia Lopez; and the mayor of Bogota Claudia Lopez; and Manizales Carlos Mario Marin. to the governor of Caqueta Arnulfo Gasca.