The Attorney General’s Office is investigating General Zapateiro for possible involvement in politics

The Attorney General’s Office will inform General Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro of the beginning and ending of a preliminary investigation against him regarding possible participation to politics.

Before opening before launching a preliminary investigation, the Attorney General’s Office had examined various elements. It also confirmed that the account was official account of the Army commander.

Following the examination of lawyers , who are experts in disciplinary law and disciplinary law, the Public Prosecutor’s Office considers that there is enough evidence to conclude that Zapateiro was in violation of the regulations that ban members of the public forces from taking on a hostile position or taking sides in an elections.

General Zapateiro has created an Twitter thread to respond to the candidate. The thread included a controversial one where he stated that he had not seen any general receive bad money from television. Colombians have seen you take money from the garbage bag.

Different sections of the political spectrum were vocal on the subject and voiced their opinions before the general vote and the candidate. Be that the Office may also conduct an investigation regarding alleged involvement with politics and Zapateiro’s involvement with the mayors in Medellin, Daniel Quintero, Cartagena and William Dau; Bogota’s mayor Claudia Lopez; Manizales, Carlos Mario Marin; Ibague Andres Hurtado and the governor of Caqueta Arnulfo Gasca.