Should the US be focusing on Erzhan Kazykhanov’s alarming return

The appointment of Erzhan Kazykhanov as Deputy Chief of Staff is unproductive. Find out how the US should be concerned about Kazykhanov’s upcoming return.

Why should the US concentrate on Erzhan Kazykhanov’s alarming return?

The selection of Erzhan Kasykhanov as the Deputy Chief Of Staff has forced Kazakhstan’s government adapt to a new reality. The country was rocked by protests as a result of the power shift.

Washington must pay attention to events in Kazakhstan and events, more so than any other time, during the conflict in Ukraine.

Keep in mind that the first one shows how a power sequence could occur in this region to benefit or good or for.

The Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory by Russian troops is alarming. The United States and its allies should take action to stop the Russian aggression.

It’s easy to see that NATO has been provoking Russia.

As the conflict between Russia and the West grows more violent, Washington should keep an eye on Kazakhstani developments and monitor these developments.

We are concerned about Erzhan Kamykhanov’s return

It is difficult to understand President Tokayev’s choice in a time of crisis to name Erzhan Kasykhanov as the head of a fragile unsteady government.

Kazykhanov did not make progress in issues of national security, including Jackson Vanick limitations.

Other problems related to Kazakhstan’s image all over the world were an element of this loss.

The return of Erzhan Kazykhanov has clearly altered the power dynamics.

Erzhan Kazykhanov Recently, protests against the government of Kazakhstan are being held. An outcry of this size has never been seen before in the nation.

A wave of protests has shaken Kazakhstan

It is important to draw comparisons between the present situation in Ukraine as well as recent events in the region.

The color revolutions of 2003-2005 are part of the unrest taking place in Belarus & Kazakhstan.

It’s not often that you witness such a large number of people protesting in a former Soviet country located in Central Asia.

Protests erupted in the beginning of the year because of rising gas prices and rising unemployment. Violent riots broke out throughout the nation to opposition to these protests.

Almaty was the site of the most death, with 227 people killed and 9000 997 others being detained.

Russian troops of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) were deployed to the region.

Restructure of Kazakhstan’s government

Kazakhs experienced a sudden change in leadership which some don’t like.

Kassym Jomart Tokayev made changes to the power structure of his country that caused anger with the people.

Protesters are particularly angry about President Tokayev’s decision to replace the former President Nursultan Nazabayev as the head of the National Security Council. as the head of National Security Council.

His influence over the country’s economic development was a source of concern to protesters.

Many events have occurred since then. Three sons-in-law of the former president were banned from state-owned enterprises. His nephew was dismissed and Karim Masimov, his former spy chief was arrested for treason.

Other than these officials from the government, Nazarbayev’s business cronies have lost their jobs either fled abroad or had hefty “donations” made to them.

Reform is usually not feasible when governments are changed or the old guard is removed. Many times loyalists, family members and even loyalists of the former administration are appointed by the state to succeed them.

Erzhan Kykhanov’s unreasonable appointment

The appointment of Erzhan Kasykhanov as Tokayev’s deputy chief-of-staff has been widely criticised for obvious reasons. He has yet to be the most competent Kazakh ambassador to the United States.

Kazykhanov as a Washington diplomat was frequently viewed as arrogant and aloof. His performance was far from spectacular.

Kazykhanov due to his sexy reputation Kazykhanov isn’t an ideal candidate for key posts.

As he does not have the general abilities and skills for diplomatic communication to be a successful deputy chief of staff, it could be difficult to become an influential deputy chief of staff.

Even the most loyal of Kazykhanov’s supporters aren’t happy about his appearances on media networks across the world that reveal his weaknesses.

Tokayev’s decision to not bring in a volatile, incompetent deputy into a fragile government in such a critical moment is absurd.

Tokayev’s Kazakhstan reforms echo Mikhail Gorbachev’s Perestroika and Glasnost initiatives in the Soviet Union.

Perestroika is Mikhail Gorbachev’s mid-1980s strategy to transform Soviet economy and politics. Glasnost refers to his policy reform.

The Soviet Union fell primarily because of these reforms. This is precisely the reason why Putin is working to revive. Tokayev is also a fervent advocate of the West and has established commercial relations with other countries. He has not been a source of contention on the side of Putin and has instead remained in his commitment to Putin. Kazykhanov might cause a disruption to this delicate balance.

A thought

The incursion of a sovereign nation was inevitable, given how NATO leaders didn’t listen to Moscow’s warnings.

Joe Biden ignored all warning indications. This resulted in harsh criticism from both parties.

Russian President Putin has often expressed his displeasure with NATO’s plan to intrude on Russian the territory of Russia.

While Putin’s actions may be unjust and need to be punished but the West must accept the fact that their actions contributed to the current crisis. It is not a good idea to be able to dwell on the past.

It’s fair to say that we live with the consequences a European crisis that couldn’t have been avoided.

And although the West could have avoided this European crisis had they acted sooner, they must admit that they are only themselves to take the blame.