Should the US be focusing exclusively on Erzhan Karakynov’s terrifying return to the throne?

It is counterproductive for Erzhan Kazakhstanykhanov to be appointed the Deputy Chief of Staff. Learn why the US should be concerned about Kazykhanov’s return.

What is the reason Erzhan Kazykhanov’s return so alarming?

As a result of the appointment of Erzhan Kazykhanov to the position of Deputy Chief of Staff, Kazakhstan’s administration is forced to adapt to a new reality. In response to the change in power protests broke out across the country.

Now of all times during the conflict in Ukraine, Washington should pay attention to events in Kazakhstan.

Remember however that the last example illustrates how power successions may be observed in this region – either for better or for worse.

Russian troops’ incursion on Ukrainian territory is alarming, and the United States and its allies must take action to stop Putin’s aggression.

We can’t ignore the fact the fact that NATO has always provoked Russia, and that much of the current crisis results from NATO wrong assumptions.

As the conflict between Russia and the West gets more intense, Washington should stay aware of the developments in Kazakhstan and monitor the developments in the region.

Concerns raised about Erzhan Kasykhanov’s return

Unfathomable is President Tokayev’s decision to appoint Erzhan Kazakhstanykhanov to the position of a member of a fragile and unstable government during the midst of a crisis.

Kazykhanov was unable to make progress on issues of national interest, including the Jackson-Vanick restrictions.

The failure also included other problems related to Kazakhstan’s reputation throughout the world.

Evidently, the power dynamics have been changed by Erzhan Kazykhanov ‘s return.

Recently, protests against Kazakhstan’s government are being held. The nation has never seen a protest this large.

Kazakhstan is shaken up by a wave of protests

It is important to draw comparisons between the current situation in Ukraine today and recent experiences in the area.

The color revolutions that took place from 2003-2005 were among the reasons of turmoil in Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Rarely do you witness people who are so unhappy with Central Asia’s former Soviet country, taking to the streets.

Gas prices increased and unemployment conditions led to several protests at the beginning of this year. As a result of the demonstrations, violent riots occurred all over the country.

Almaty is one of the deadliest cities in the world, witnessed the arrest of nine thousand ninety-seven hundreds of people , and the deaths of 227 others.

Russian troops from the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) were deployed into the region.

Restructuring in Kazakhstan’s Government

Kazakhs experienced a sudden shift in the leadership of the country, something many people don’t like.

Since the calm has nearly been restored, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has made some adjustments to the structure of power in his country , which has sparked discontent among citizens.

Protesters have been especially furious at President Tokayev appointing the former president Nursultan Kazarayev as the head of the National Security Council .

Many protesters were worried about his influence on the nation’s economic growth.

Since then, many incidents have occurred. Three of the former president’s children in law were exiled from state-owned businesses. The firing of his nephew and Karim Masimov (his former spy chief) was also a result. They were both arrested on charges of treason.

Apart from these government officials Nazarbayev’s business cronies also have lost their positions and fled to other countries, or had hefty “donations” requested from them.

Changing governments and removing old guards typically are not the catalyst for reform. In many cases, loyalists are appointed to take over the administration of the previous one.

Erzhan Kykhanov’s unjustified appointment

It is unclear why Erzhan Kazykhanov was selected as Tokayev’s deputy Chief of Staff. He has not been the most competent Kazakh ambassador to America.

Kazykhanov was Kazykhanov was a Washington diplomat. He was viewed as confident, arrogant, and insecure, and often unattentive to international concerns. His record was seen as not to be the best.

Kazykhanov is a name that is not only a problem but also unprofessional. This makes him a unpopular candidate for important positions.

It could be difficult for him to become an powerful deputy Chief of Staff because he lacks both the ability to communicate and the general skills that are required.

Even Kazykhanov’s most committed supporters are uncomfortable about his appearances on international news outlets, which expose his flaws.

Tokayev’s decision to not bring in a volatile, incompetent deputy to a fragile government in such a critical time is a blunder.

Tokayev’s Kazakhstan reforms are reminiscent of Mikhail Gorbachev’s Perestroika as well as the Glasnost initiative in the Soviet Union.

Perestroika is commonly known as the mid-1980s plan of Mikhail Gorbachev to improve Soviet economy and politics, and Glasnost refers to his policy reform.

These reforms were the main reason that the Soviet Union collapsed. is exactly the situation Putin would like to reverse. Tokayev has also developed economic relations with nations that surround his own and the West. He has not attempted to provoke Putin but has maintained his firm support. The delicate balance of the two could be shattered by Kazykhanov.


In light of the fact that NATO leaders did not listen to warnings from Moscow It was not a surprise that an invasion of an entire nation was planned.

Joe Biden ignored warning signs. This led to severe criticism from both opposing sides.

Russian President Putin has frequently spoken out against NATO’s plan to intrude onto Russian the territory of Russia.

While Putin’s actions are likely to be criticised, leaders from the West must acknowledge that they contributed to the current crisis. However, this is not a time to dwell upon the mistakes of the past.

It’s not a stretch to say, that we’re currently living with the consequences of the European crisis which could have been prevented.

While the West could not have avoided this European crisis if they acted sooner than they did, they need to admit that they are entirely to blame.