Petro will not join the pension dispute at the Asofundos Congress (president of Asofondos) declared this in the framework FIAP International Congress. He apologized for his absence and also stated that the presidential candidates of all parties will participate in this pension debate held in Cartagena this Friday.

“We would like him to be here, and we’d be the first ones to ask him to accompany us. Unfortunately I don’t understand the motives behind his absence. As petro gustavo is the ideal location to discuss these pension questions The president is in Asofondos.”

Montenegro recalls the year 1998 when he was active as a political figure with Gustavo Petro, candidate of Historic Pact. He said they had a fantastic working relationship.

“When quit National Planning, he made an announcement on the internet that he regretted me leaving the government. He also stated that I was the top official at the Office of Alvaro Uribe and that I called him to thank him.” The leader was elated.