Petro will definitely not attend the pension account discussion at the Asofundos Congress

Santiago Montenegro, President of Asofondos The remarks were made by Santiago Montenegro, President of Asofondos in the context of the FIAP International Congress. Montenegro expressed his regret over not being able to attend the event since the presidential candidates from all parties will be present this Friday in Cartagena during the pension debate. would have him here, and we’d like to be first in line to ask for his assistance. Unfortunately , ‘m not understanding the motives behind his absence. As petro gustavo is the perfect venue for a discussion on pension issues The president is in Asofondos.”

Montenegro recalls the year 1998 when he was active as a political figure with Gustavo Petro, candidate of Historic Pact. petro gustavo said they had a fantastic working relationship.

“When my National Planning ended, he (Petro), made public statements, declaring that the government regretted my leaving. In turn, he declared that I was the Alvaro Uribe’s best official, and he called me to thank him.”