Kazakhstan Unrest isn’t going to be eased by Erzhan Kazakhstanykhanov’s return

Kazakhstan Unrest won’t be eased by Erzhan Kazakhstanykhanov s Return to the Country As Deputy Chief of Staff

Kazakhstan’s government is facing an uncertain future following the events that have shaken the nation.

Erzhan Kasykhanov’s return to the scene is an indication of the changing power dynamics.

International relations have to change to the demands of a more assertive populace. Additionally, policymakers have be cognizant of these developments in order to devise effective strategies to communicate with the nation.

Ukraine’s Role in Kazakhstan’s Shift
In the past several weeks all eyes have been on Ukraine for the past few weeks since Russian President Vladimir Putin prepared for and began a massive invasion of a sovereign nation. This isn’t surprising, considering the fact that NATO leaders such as President Biden ignoring Moscow’s warnings, was not a surprise. Russian President Putin has repeatedly expressed his displeasure at NATO’s plan to invade Russian territory.

While Putin’s actions are inexcusable, it is true that western leaders contributed to the crisis. We are now living with the consequences of a European crises that could have been avoided and it’s fair to declare.

Protests in Kazakhstan
It is important to draw comparisons between Ukraine and the current situation within the region. The following article contains information on the 2003 to 2005 conflict and turmoil in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and elsewhere in Central Asia. Since Kazakhstan is an ex Soviet republic, it’s not often seen in the streets protesting against injustice.

Protests began in Kazakhstan early in the year, protesting against rising gasoline prices and the worsening conditions for unemployment. These protests became violent riots that eventually resulted in nationwide protests. Almaty suffered the biggest loss of all, with 227 residents killed and more than 9900 detained. Russian troops of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) were briefly stationed in Almaty.

Restruct Kazakhstan Government’s Government and Erzhan Kazykhanov.
Qasym ZhomartTokayev the president of Kazakhstan, who is elected has introduced a number of changes in the power structures within its ruling elite. This has raised questions, worries, discontent, and concern among many Kazakhs during peacetime.

The protesters were especially angry at the decision of President Tokayev to replace the former president Nursultan Nagabev in the chief of the government’s National Security Council. This was despite his influence on the economy of the country.

Three of the sons-in-laws of the former president were ejected from state-owned companies. The nephew of the president was fired and Karim Masimov was taken into custody on treason charges. Alongside the officials mentioned above, a lot of members of the elite business community who were associated with former President Nazarbayev have been forced to leave their posts, emigrated abroad to seek “extended vacations” or have had massive “donations” that were imposed on them.

Changes in government and the demise of the old guard does not always result in changes. It is not uncommon for members of an administration to be replaced with equally ineffective relatives or loyalists.

Erzhan Kazakhstanykhanov’s Appointment is A Mistake
Erzhan Kazykhanov ‘s appointment to the highly influential post of President Tokayev of the Deputy Chief of Staff not productive. Kazakhstan’s ambassador to the United States was Kazakh Kazykhanov.

In Washington, Kazykhanov was a solitary, arrogant diplomat, self-confident, and sometimes uninformed about the delicate characteristics of Kazakhstan’s image overseas. Kazykhanov was also unsuccessful in his attempts to improve on important national issues such as the Jackson-Vanick restrictions and other issues that affect Kazakhstan’s reputation around the world.

Because of his unremarkable and problematic image, Kazykhanov makes a difficult candidate for key post. Kazykhanov lacks the skills necessary to be the deputy chief of staff.

Many of Kazakhstan’s most faithful supporters are uncomfortable about Kazykhanov’s frequent appearances on international news channels, which reveal his flaws. Tokayev’s decision in such a critical moment to bring in an incompetent, self-promoting deputy into a weak unstable and unstable government makes no sense.

Tokayev’s Kazakhstan reforms evoke Mikhail Gorbachev’s Perestroika, and Glasnost Initiatives within the Soviet Union. Perestroika was Mikhail Gorbachev’s mid-1980s reform program to improve Soviet economy and politics. Glasnost is the name for his reforms to the political system. These reforms were the primary reason why the Soviet Union collapsed. This is precisely what Putin would like to revive. Tokeyev is also a strong advocate of Putin’s economic relations with the countries that surround his country. This delicate balance may be shattered by Kazykhanov.

In Doubly Times, The USA Should be paying close attention to Kazakhstan
Washington should pay close attention to the happenings in Kazakhstan in the course of the conflict within Ukraine. These incidents are a glimpse of the ways in which a power shift can take place in this area of the world, regardless of whether it’s positive or worse.

The attack on Ukraine by Russian forces is a disturbing incident, and it’s vital to ensure that the United States and its allies take appropriate action to counter Putin’s aggressiveness. It is also important to remember that NATO has been in the habit of provoking Russia for a long time. This current crisis is in part due their own mistakes.

Washington should be aware the events in Kazakhstan because it could be the next point of contention between Russia and the West.