Fico Gutierrez continues its victory in the eyes of voters. Advanced campaign in Boyaca including visits to Virgin of Chiquinquira

Federico Gutierrez, the presidential candidate, is adamant that votes can be obtained from the streets. He has just 32 days to finish the first presidential election, in which he’ll be competing against Gustavo Petro, his main opponent for the House of Narino quota in the eventual second round.

Gutierrez got up early Saturday morning to travel to Boyaca. Boyaca is a sacred area of the church that Petro visited on Friday. He was the mayor in the past of Medellin, and is now a center-right candidate.

Fico’s main meeting was held at Tunja Convention Center. There was an extensive group of people who voted for his candidacy on May 29 2009.

Federico shared ruana with hundreds of Colombians behind his choice for the Team for Colombia. Federico also posted an Twitter video where he thanked Tunja’s citizens. wrote: “We are Going to Be Winners, We All should run for the presidency to transform and unify Colombia.” While recording a variety of people who have voted for him and his cause, he didn’t stop.

“Happy at Boyaca!” Through closeness, and being the President of the people, we will achieve the country that is in order and with opportunities; a country where dreams are fulfilled,” he wrote.

The second pointer in the polls was one who made it to the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquira. It is a place where hundreds of faithful followers gather each weekend. In the midst of the eyes of his followers as well as those who were waiting to receive the morning Eucharist, the leader from the center-right kneeled down and made an offer to the Virgin.

“I asked the Virgin to grant me plenty of wisdom. He said he would pray for me and my family and for all Colombian families, to bring peace and be humility.

In , the presidential candidate also captured his visit on video. Before entering, he met with several inhabitants of the region who hugged him and also wore the official clothes of the Colombian municipality.

Gutierrez arrived at the temple wearing the traditional Boyacan and Virgin of Chiquinquira Ruanas on his chest. It was a display of his religious zeal and has been displayed throughout his campaign for the presidency. Remember that Antioquian, an Colombian saint, visited Jericho, Antioquia three weeks ago. Then, he gathered in the birthplace of Mother Laura which was recently canonized and blessed by Pope Francis.

In Chiquinquira the candidate used the occasion to welcome the people and made some announcements about his plans for the presidential palace. “Key issues in Chiquira include: guaranteeing water for everyone, construction and maintenance of roads (especially Ruta des Comuneros & the Ubate–Chiquinquira Section) as well as tourism to generate jobs and sustainably develop.” Other important issues were addressed by the head of the paisa.

Fico Gutierrez spoke about his working. He claimed that Tunja is the second-highest percentage of unemployment in the world. His government plan seeks to create “about 21,000 jobs and at minimum 300 new businesses for Boyaca”.

However He also stated that sustainable mobility should be developed within the department. To accomplish this, he said that the Strategic Public Transport System structure must be given priority. Together, they stated that they will work together to build roads and cycle routes.

He also sent an affirmation message to the producers and potato farmers. His most recent tweet read: “Peasants in Boyaca: We’ll do our best to increase income and more opportunities for you and change the shape of the landscape.” In the meantime, Gutierrez will continue to engage with the Colombian people, sharing the government’s plan and aiming to make an impact during the next elections on Sunday on May 29.