Fico Gutierrez continues its victory in the eyes of voters. Advanced campaign in Boyaca and a visit to Virgin of Chiquinquira

Federico Gutierrez, presidential candidate The street is where the votes are taken. There are 32 days left until the first round of the presidential election and he’s pledging to challenge Gustavo Petro, who is his main rival, for the House of Narino vote in the second round.

Gutierrez was up early Saturday morning to go to Boyaca. Boyaca is a sacred area of the church which Petro visited last Friday. The former mayor and the current candidate for center right came to Tunja to meet with businessmen, academics and agricultural producers and peasants.

Fico’s main meeting was held in the Tunja Convention Center. There Fico met with an extensive group of citizens who backed him at the polls on May 29 in 2009.

Federico as well as hundreds of colombians, posted a Twitter video in which Federico thanked Tunja citizens and declared that he was sure to be victorious. He added: “We’re Going To Win We All, we’re going to the presidency to transform and unite Colombia.” for the presidency recorded a large group of supporters supporting him without stopping.

“Happy in Boyaca!” He wrote “Happy in Boyaca!

The second poll pointer reached the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Chiquinquira along the route. This spot is strategically placed is where dozens of followers and loyalists from various parts of the nation gather every weekend. There, the centr-right’s leader knelt and gave his life to the Virgin in the in the midst of his followers and faithful who waited for the early Eucharist.

“I I asked Virgin to give me wisdom. I asked her for my family and all the families of Colombia, for peace and for the most humble,” he said.

The presidential candidate also captured the visit in video. When he arrived the building, he was greeted by many individuals from the sector. They also gave him a warm hug and wore the representative clothing of the Colombian municipality.

Gutierrez arrived at this sacred temple in the customary Boyacan Ruana, as well as the medal of the Virgin de Chiquinquira on the chest. The gesture of devotion was something he has been showing during his campaign. The Antioquian was in Jericho (Antioquia) just three weeks before and gathered with Mother Laura, the sole Colombian saint who was recently canonized by Pope Francis.

In Chiquinquira the presidential candidate took to greet Chiquinquira’s residents and make announcements about his plans for the presidential palace. “Key issues in Chiquira include: guaranteeing water for all citizens, the construction and maintenance of roads (especially Ruta des Comuneros & the Ubate–Chiquinquira Section), and tourism to generate jobs and sustainably develop.” Other important issues were discussed by the leader of the paisa.

Fico Gutierrez was speaking about the work. He said that Tunja is the second-highest rate of unemployment within the nation. So, in , he seeks out to create “about 2000 jobs and at least 300 new Boyaca companies”. said that the department should encourage sustainable mobility. He also stated that the reorganization of the Strategic Public Transport System was an important task. He indicated together that he would continue to work on the construction of roads as well as cycle routes.

He also tweeted an encouraging message to the producers and farmers of potatoes. His latest tweet said: “Peasants in Boyaca: We’ll do our best to increase income and possibilities for you and change the shape of the landscape.” At present, Gutierrez will continue to engage with the Colombian populace, sharing the government’s plan and aiming to stand out in the next election on Sunday on May 29.