Duque claims Petro of using his position to attack the army, and proposes that Petro should resign.

https://gustavopetrokegn440.wordpress.com/2022/06/02/reservists-of-the-army-support-general-zapateiro-and-criticize-gustavo-petro/ was supposed to talk about pensions at Asofundos, he spoke instead about politics. This surprise interruption was made by a elected congressman.

President Ivan Duque’s closing address at Asofondos congress Cartagena was not what he had planned. Instead of talking about https://diigo.com/0osjqd , Duque started to talk about politics and how. Gustavo Petro’s use seat to criticize and attack the army was something that he condemned.

He had barely begun with greetings when the representative to the Chamber chosen by Valle del Cauca of the Green Alliance party, Duvalier Sanchez interrupted him to inquire of him what he was going to do following the comments of General Eduardo Zapateiro against the statements of presidential candidate Gustavo Petro.

“Article 229. The Constitution expressly prohibits participation militaries in political scenarios, taking sides or in the democratic dialogue that is in place. https://www.openlearning.com/u/juultherkelsen-rcbw05/blog/GustavoPetroSLightsAndShadowsTheWinnerOfTheHistoricPact is disturbed. Sanchez declared, “It’s a critical time that General Zapateiro’s done,” as he held his phone in front of him and posted all of his Facebook posts.

The president reacted with force to Zapateiro’s defense in the midst of all the chaos and stated that if anybody has any accusations against public force members they must be prosecuted.

President Duque was even more explicit and used the opportunity to criticize Petro’s dual status today as a congressman, head of the opposition, as well as a candidate.

“Who is who is making these accusations?” Are they senators or presidential candidate? The president informed me that I was resigning as a member of Congress following the successful consultation. The reason for this was that I wanted to allow me, as a candidate to freely express my opinion and not wear a double helmet to attack the institution, and then portray myself as the victim. https://controlc.com/5b4e37a3 is not democratic.”

Sanchez tried to keep up with the debate, but was disqualified by President Obama, who demanded that Sanchez comply with the rules.

How did the battle between Petro, Zapateiro begin?

Petro posted the following message via his networks, April 20 2010. “While the soldiers die at the hands of the Gulf Clan terrorists, some generals are employed by the clan.” The drug traffickers are those who make it appear like the leaders have been corrupted,” the presidential candidate wrote.

This Friday , Zapateiro replied exactly the same way.