Chainsaws And Polesaws

You can get the Alligator Lopper in both corded as well as battery-powered versions. The corded version is the best option if you plan on keeping it in your backyard. The battery-powered model is the best option if you plan on taking it on the road, or doing high-in-tree work. The OxyPower motor is more efficient and emits less emissions. The greenworks chainsaw easy start system takes 30% less effort than the previous models. It has an automatic oiler and tools to help you maintain your vehicle. Also, it comes with a storage container that can protect your vehicle. This chainsaw is extremely easy to use, especially when compared to other gas models.

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A saw without anti-vibration can cause fatigue and make it difficult for you to hold the saw safely. You can choose to use an electric model if you don’t need a powerful saw. If want power and use the saw often, gas is a good direction to take. These minor issues are worth it though. You won’t find a better gas-powered chainsaw for a price anywhere near the Remington RM4216 Rebel. It’s not meant to be used for large tree limbs and plank cutting, but it can be used for smaller jobs.

The WORX WG304.1 chainsaw is a lightweight, easy to use, 18″ electric chainsaw with enough grunt to manage larger domestic jobs. This is a great entry level saw for novice users. It’s affordable and incredibly easy to maintain while the light weight makes it maneuverable and comfortable to use.

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This Black+Decker chainsaw has been a personal favorite of mine. It is a great value for money and has a very user-friendly feature. This is the automatic oiling system that takes the hassle out of operating a chainsaw. Check the amperage rating on the extension cord. If in doubt, get a new, heavy-duty cord. -powered chainsaws are ideal for smaller jobs and occasional maintenance. You may also find some pneumatic chainsaws that run on compressed air. A 16 chainsaw could cut through a 14-inch tree. 10 inch chainsaw, 8” diameter. A 6” chainsaw can cut a 4-inch diameter. Yes, a chainsaw can be used to cut wet timber. You can find mid-range saws as well from $200 to $400 for activities like cutting lots of firewood. The majority of shoppers should be able to find a high quality chainsaw to satisfy their needs in the $100 to $200 range.

WORX claims to have reinvented the chainsaw. -pending design makes it almost impossible to inflict injury. It is lightweight and can be shared with other WORX products. There are several things you need to consider when selecting the best chainsaw. You have to consider storage when you consider gas-powered options. However, they are more costly and require more maintenance. An alternative is to use an electric model. is more sustainable and can save you the hassle of refuelling. However, it can’t match gas in terms of raw power.

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This is the price range to consider if you are looking for a smaller model for cleaning and renovation projects. A simple electric chainsaw with a 14- to 16-inch bar is sufficient if you only plan on cutting a few pieces of firewood per year. Due to the small weight and size of the chainsaws in that class, they are really easy to use.

Make sure you stock up on backup supplies to ensure you have everything you need to complete weekend projects. This way, your to-do lists don’t have to be halted husqvarna 345 just because your tool requires new parts. Use chainsaw files, grinding stones, falling wedges, screnches and sharpening stones to extend the life of your chainsaw and ensure it operates at its best.

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