Cardano future features and potential are presented

Cardano’s crypto-currency ADA Coin was launched in 2017/9 , however it didn’t get much attention from traders until the end of the 11th month.

Let’s begin by briefly the introduction of Cardano and its crypto currency ADA Coin.

What exactly is Cardano?

Cardano is a project on blockchain technology that Charles Hoskinson cofounded to “provide an improved, balanced and sustainable blockchain ecosystem for cryptocurrency.” The website of Cardano states that ADA is the only open source cryptocurrency that is based on a “philosophy founded on science and a researcher-driven approach.” This implies that Cardano has been rigorously validated by scientists and programmers from universities.

Cardano is a non-profit foundation. It also collaborates closely with academic institutions to study and review all aspects of Cardano. Lancaster University, for instance, is working on a reference Treasury model to find sustainable ways to fund the Cardano future development.

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How is Cardano different in comparison to Bitcoin as well as Ethereum?

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What is the distinction between Cardano and other cryptocurrencies?

Despite its rapid rise in only 2 months, ADA still remains a little bit of a rebel when it concerns volatile cryptocurrency markets.

ADA calls itself the first 3rd generation cryptocurrency, and aims to address scaling and infrastructure challenges that are demerits in Bitcoin, the 1st generation cryptocurrency that introduced the concept of digital coins, and Ethereum, the 2nd generation cryptocurrency that incorporates smart contract technology.Specifically, Cardano aims to solve issues related to scalability, interoperability, and sustainability in the cryptocurrency platform.

The slowdown of the network is due to an increase in trading volume and increasing fees.

Cardano also uses RINA to extend the network. The RINA protocol is comparable to TCP/IP, the dominant protocol used for data exchange via the Internet.

Interoperability is related to portability both in the natural ecosystem of cryptocurrencies and in the interface with the existing global financial ecosystem.Currently, there is no way to cross-chain transactions between cryptocurrencies or seamless transactions involving cryptocurrencies and the global financial ecosystem.Exchanges that crash or charge exorbitant fees are the only intermediaries.Various regulations relating to the identity of customers and transactions are moving the cryptocurrency ecosystem further away from its global counterparts.

エイダコイン 10000 円 hopes to enable the transfer of data across chains by using Sidechains that allows transactions between two individuals outside of the chain.

In the end, sustainability refers to the development of governance structures that incentivize miners and other stakeholders, and independent economic models for cryptocurrencies.In addition we want to create what the producers call the “constitution” of the protocol in order to avoid unpleasant hard forks (such as those that took place in Bitcoin and Ethereum).

In the near future the protocol will be embedded into the Cardano blockchain. This will allow applications that use it, like online trading platforms and wallets to check the compliance of their applications automatically.

What’s the Cardano Market?

Cardano is currently using virtual currency as its main function. Cardano has ambitious future plans. A list of possible applications such as ID management, credit systems as well as automated crypto trading as well as Daedalus – an all-purpose crypto wallet that allows crypto-Fiat conversions – is posted on the official website of the company.

As mentioned earlier, the non-profit foundation that manages Cardano has built an extensive list of partner institutions in order to enhance algorithms and create new governance structures.According Hoskinson’s view, the partnership is mutually beneficial as Cardano’s research projects are aligned with academic rewards with the requirements of the cryptocurrency industry.

Does the current price of cardano seem reasonable?

It is true that Cardano’s ADA philosophy is great, but it has the same drawbacks as other cryptocurrencies.That is, there is little to show in terms of implementation.The blockchain was just released in 2017/9, and the limited number of nodes in that network are all managed by the Foundation.

Hoskinson is of the opinion that data scaling efforts in 2019 will yield positive results. But, some of the ideas, such as standardizing protocols, remain in the research phase and will be implemented once Cardano’s case has been developed.

Some critics say the possibility that Proof of Stake may end appearing to be a plutocracy.

The cryptocurrency also faces fierce competition from other cryptocurrencies.Litecoin, an offshoot of Bitcoin, is seeking to play a similar role in everyday transactions.Dash, who influenced Cardano’s approach to governance, also has similar aspirations.Ripple may provide a strong competitor to Cardano’s ambition to be a bridge between the existing financial system and cryptocurrencies.


Cardano is a firm believer and a long-term strategy. But, it’s difficult to determine how many visions will come to fruition.