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In order to get rid of fruit flies, apply the following steps to get rid of the garbage every day, make use of fresh garbage bags, and clean out your trash container after each trash outing. Fruit flies like to feast on food items that haven’t been cleaned out of your recycle bin. It is also important to empty your recycling bin frequently and rinse out and dry any liner you are replacing. Also, make sure to keep your garbage container odor free and free of all food products.


If you’re in search of the most secure and efficient method to get rid of fruit flies make traps. The trap can be made using an organic liquid that will draw fruit flies inside. The size of the trap can be different based on its kind. There is also the option of using vinegar or liquid soap as bait solutions. Remember that vinegar draws fruit flies to kill the flies.

Apple cider vinegar can be one of the best ways to stop fruit flies. Simply put the vinegar into a bag that you seal and secure using a rubber band. Then, you can place the trap for fruit fly in the area where you can observe fruit flies. The vinegar attracts the flies and stop them from fleeing. A second option that is effective is to mix apple cider vinegar in dish soap. Dish soap reduces the tension on the surface of the liquid, causing fruit flies to get submerged.


Aerosol pesticides are usually specifically designed for use indoors and can be used quickly to eliminate this problem. The active ingredient in the spray is the chemical called pyrethrin. The chemical is derived from the chrysanthemum flowers. While of insecticide is able to eliminate pests that are adult however, it cannot eradicate the places of breeding, which is typically the decaying fruits as well as vegetables.

Target offers a basic spray bottle that holds two ounces water and 10 drops of lemongrass essential oils at less than $5. The spray will take care of all your issues with fruit flies. Lemongrass essential oil is purchased at CVS for $8 and used to treat the rooms that have been infested. Make sure you have read the labels to protect your pet and family.

Garbage disposal

Clean up your garbage disposal to aid in eliminating fruit fly. Mix baking soda and vinegar for removing scents of fruit fly. Let the mix sit for several minutes. Then, use vertical garden planters to wipe out the areas that are visible using dish soap. Don’t forget to wash the guard. The acidic mix will destroy fruit flies, and stop them from returning. You should be aware that citrus peels should never remain out for excessively long, as they can result in problems.

The fruit flies will be most often found in drains as well as kitchen drains. Since drains are always damp and spongy, they are an ideal breeding area for the insects. They eat human excrement. Additionally drains, they are also the food source for fruit flies. Using boiling or vinegar will kill fruit flies. Make sure to dispose of dishescloths with water that you put in your bathroom sink. Another option to prevent an infestation of fruit fly is cleansing the seals of your refrigerator.

Carnivorous plants

Fruit flies can be killed by plants that eat carnivores. Monkey cups are a kind of pitcher plant indigenous to the subtropics, produce sticky leaves that attract catch the prey. The sticky substance serves for trapping insects inside the leaves. It serves as glue and catalyst permitting them to digest prey. Plants can require for up to 2 days take in the insect.

Carnivore plants require distillation water to grow. They thrive in soils that are acidic, however they also thrive in nutrients-poor soils. In the absence of insects they will stunt their growth, but they rarely die. Apart from their efficiency, these plants thrive in humid and bright environments. These plants make excellent investments and must be well maintained.

If you’ve noticed an abundance of fruit flies within your home, it’s recommended that you address the root as fast as is possible. These pests can be killed by eating carnivorous plants. The plants are able to be put near fruit fly breeding areas. These plants are pesticide-free and very effective at killing fruit Flies. You have other choices if you don’t want to purchase a carnivore plant.