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A legal activist group based in Israel is calling on Australian survivors, as well as their families to take part in a group action against insurance companies who’s Holocaust predecessors from the past failed to pay out on insurance policies held by displaced and murdered European Jews.

Shurat Hadin Nitsana Dahan-Leitner (Israeli attorney, human-rights advocate) was the founder of Shurat HaDin Israel Law Centre. AJN stated that Project Last Chance will pursue the insurance companies that made use of World War II chaos and the Shoah as a way to avoid paying compensation to victims, survivors, and their heirs.

“My task is to get the victims some money to pay for the final. The money is what survivors have to pay, it’s their money. You are able to insure your assets like your house and life, but nobody can take it from you.

Darshan Leitner said that US Senate estimates showed that up to $200 billion dollars was snatched away from Jewish policyholders because of delinquent WWII insurance companies of the time. There are numerous traceable successor entities in the marketplace today which could be traced back to the liabilities. Shurat HaDin will use its knowledge to hunt down financial institutions, including banks that harbour terrorist assets.

“We’ve brought legal action against governments that have been a part of the banking system, against banks, and against firms that aid in and encouraging terrorist acts. We’re experts and aren’t unwilling to confront large corporations, countries or large international banks” she added.

Shurat HaDin will launch legal proceedings in Israel to unlock the database that contains around 140,000 Holocaust survivors and their descendants. The database was developed as part of Israel’s Project Heart between 2011-14. In collaboration with the Jewish Agency for Israel (Israel’s government), participants were invited to join the restitution program. But, the program was abruptly ended, leaving the participants uncertain.

Shurat HaDin contacted the government, but they have not responded. The Labour and Social Services Ministry in Israel said Project Heart was not intended to be a single claims scheme. nitsana darshan leitner Thus, claims information of claimants can’t be released. Shurat Hadin Another theory suggests that Israel did not realize European governments’ reluctance when confronted with claims lists of hundreds upon thousands.

If their identities are disclosed to Shurat HaDin The Project Heart participants could become participants in the class actions that were launched under Project Last Chance, Darshan-Leitner explained.

Project Last Chance was a new approach to the Claims Conference. She stated that the organization has petitioned the government officials for Holocaust restitution rather than specifically targeting companies and companies.

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