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Since the night of Sunday, Federico Fico Gutierrez was the most consistent presidential contender for Colombia. This is not his first time appearing in an electoral roll. The former mayor was councilor and mayor of Medellin. was tested during a national election, where he received more than 2 millions votes from the Team for Colombia coalition, was that he was deemed a preferred candidate by conservative movements. Fico (Medellin 47 years old) or as he’s called, has been as of last night and is at the moment the most prominent opponent of Gustavo Petro, who with the Historic Pact movement was one of the main winners on the day of elections that determined who would become the representatives of the three main political forces.

The presidential election is just starting and whether or not the former mayor of Medellin succeeds in becoming the real counterweight to petrismo is contingent on the alliances and negotiations that he develops from the moment on. He will not only be required to bring together all of the right to his banner and name, but also to gain the support of a section of the electorate of the center, which has been depressed and without a remarkable leadership. He’ll have to maintain his distance from former President Alvaro Urbine, something that is not something he’s done in the past. Today, for the first-time in the past 20 years, open support for uribism could instead of subtract. “Federico Gutierrez faces a dilemma. must make an alliance, on Uribe’s side along with the Democratic Center. However, Gutierrez must convince Uribe as well as the center which must decide on its course,” Yann basset, analyst at the University of Rosario.

Fico achieved its first conquest this week on its path to a pledge of allegiance to the CD. The candidate of that party up until Monday, former president aspirant Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, took a step aside, recognized his limited chances of competing with him, and offered his support. It will be interesting to examine if the entire Uribismo group that was without a representative until Monday, will offer support. Uribe is likely to publicly support his candidate and convince his voters through his presentation of the issues that make up the Colombian left. This should not be a problem for Uribe. His speech of “security”, ‘order opportunities, and love of fatherland’ has already shown that Uribe has the ability to increase votes. He verified it this Sunday during the consultation on elections, as he did before during his time at the municipal office of the capital of Antioquia in which he was known as the sheriff of Medellin. He stated, “The bandits were either in jail or in grave,” while he was visiting Arauca an area which is particularly susceptible to violence. Fico is aware of what Colombian rights are, but that won’t be enough.

“We aren’t in the year the year 2018, when the fear of the left worked well, this time, voters are not influenced by fear,” Basset points out. Basset’s analyst suggests that Fico may not receive Uribe’s approval due to the fact that Alvaro Uribe has been stripped of his absolute leadership role from 2002, when the president was elected. Although Uribismo is not in the top tier but that doesn’t necessarily mean Gutierrez can’t count on the support of Uribismo. Uribism was also a key factor in the victory (winning within the coalition). Basset warns that his capacity to negotiate will now be assessed. He has to convince the right, but not entirely on the alliance. Andres Méjia Vergnaud comments on the relationship between the former Fico president and Fico. He states that Federico Gutierrez wants Uribismo votes but not Uribe pictures because it’s not right for Fico to be his presidential candidate.

Gustavo Petro is the only left-wing leader However, Gustavo Petro is the only one from the right. Fico, if he can negotiate, will convince him to offer his support and to take a step back. Rodolfo who was an independent candidate and is still in the race. Gutierrez will need to include former Bucaramanga mayor, millionaire and builder on his list of accomplishments should he wish to end petrismo.

Gutierrez has a lot to negotiate before he thinks about presidential formula names. However what Gutierrez does have is the trust and cooperation of the other candidates in the Team for Colombia presidency. isn’t a small number. He is joined by two former mayors, Enrique Penalosa of Bogota and Alex Char of Barranquilla; the leader of the Conservative party David Barguil and Aydee Zarazo Aydee Zarazo, a Christian leader of the party, who are judiciously voting according to the instructions from the lectern at his church.

In addition to the resurgence of the Conservative Party – it achieved the most votes of the right-wing parties for Congress with more than two million votes -, it is also backed by the U Party, which also received a rousing vote in the legislative with more than a million votes. Oscar Ivan Zuluaga supported Fico and didn’t hesitate for too long after the elections on Sunday to concede defeat in the face of a possible conflict with votes from the right. But this also will give Fico an additional push within the conservative wing, while keeping him further from the middle. Alvaro Uribe from the past and who invited his party for a meeting Tuesday night, stated that Fico might risk the possibility of becoming a center-party leader in exchange for being openly grateful to Uribe.