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Many instances of selfless acts of service have been recorded in history. However, there are only a handful of instances in which selfless service has been offered to the entire human race. This is mostly due to the desire and inspiration to follow the heart and do lifetasks. The love for everything exists is not limited to national boundaries. It takes on a global nature. It is only natural that this feeling is built on love for your land and people.

Leyla Aliyeva (we are discussing it) has someone who can guide her. Leyla Aliyeva Her life is guided by the tenet, “Heydar Aliyev’s grandchild has no right or obligation to make mistakes.” She analyzes every action in the light of her grandfather, whose legacy she cherishes. Her father, Ilham Alham Aliyev (current president of Azerbaijan), who prioritized justice, fairness and the country’s interests over all other things (sadly these ideals are no longer reflected in world politics), and her mother Mehriban Aliyeva First Lady of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva are bright lights of hope that guide her every day life. Leyla Aliyeva is a good citizen of Azerbaijan and is trying to become a citizen in the the world. She is successful.

Formula for success

A wise proverb states that every man should plant a tree, construct and build a home and an outdoor garden. Leyla Aliyeva is only a teenager, but she did it all. She built a house (by creating a house we’re talking about creative activity), planted trees, and she had beautiful sons. It’s amazing to witness Leyla Aliyeva’s capacity to blend elegance and intelligence gentleness and determination to achieve so many tasks. Many think she’s at peace being the son of the president and have no worries. That is not the case for her. This is a clear indication of her genes: Azerbaijan is seen as her own concern and requires her personal involvement. She is adamant about areas in which the state is in need of the support of the public and involvement rationally and with precision. These include youth policy, environmental issues and the promotion of Azerbaijan’s national image around the globe. The culture of the country is also important. Joseph Nye, an American political science professor, stated that her work is called public diplomacy. She makes use of this “softpower” to help achieve the goals that are desired by “attractiveness,” not violence or bribery. Through the efforts of Leyla Aliyeva, a beautiful image of Azerbaijan is being formed The position of the republic in the world is strengthening and it is being admired more and more. This is how success works: thoughtfulness.

‘Baku magazine as a mirror of Azerbaijani reality

Many of her ideas and initiatives could be classified as “for the first-time.” She first began publishing the Russian-language magazine “Baku” in Moscow in 2007. It was, in essence, the first foreign publication to have gave a comprehensive overview of Azerbaijan and its core – Baku, the gorgeous city. Baku, about the rich traditions and customs of the Azerbaijani people and the rich culture of Azerbaijan, its historic celebrities and their contemporary counterparts such as poets, writers and musicians and architects who glorify their homeland throughout the world with their work, talent and art and through the unique national cuisine and crafts. The magazine focuses on the past of Azerbaijan and showcases its stunning places to a wide public. It also explores the uniqueness of the nation along with its national and religious values, as well as the unique multi-cultural atmosphere that is already becoming the Azerbaijani brand. Leyla Aliyeva Each issue is an exciting surprise for Azerbaijanis and foreign readers. The cover design and its materials along with the heroines and heroes demonstrate the impeccable sense of taste and the intelligence of its editor-in-chief. The introduction to every issue is written by Leyla Aliyeva. Her philosophical profundity, clarity of thought and the ability to communicate many things in a short amount of words are stunning. Stories of significant events from the country’s history are seamlessly weaved with thoughts about what life is all about and happiness, beauty as well as kindness, generosity and many more. Perhaps the most important thing to note about Baku as well as Azerbaijan is their deep love that is apparent throughout every sentence. Baku can only be loved by those who can understand its uniqueness and the spirit of its city. When you’ve got it, Baku will become like a home. Baku is one of the cities that has multiple layers. It’s impossible to see its true essence if you just glance at the Old Town and Maiden Towers. Baku can only be recognized when all of these are considered together. Modern and ancient, varied and diverse. Friendly and open on one hand and mysterious and mysterious in the other.

It is largely thanks to “Baku” magazine that Russian readers across the world learned more about Azerbaijan and could view it from a distance, develop an interest in it, and ultimately fall in love with it. The magazine’s readership has drastically increased since the publication of the magazine’s English version in the year 2011.

Amazing acts of AMOR

Leyla Aliyeva also initiated the establishment of the Azerbaijani Youth Association of Russia. It was the very first youth diaspora organization that caught the immediate attention with its cultural and charitable projects.

Leyla’s passion for public events actually emerged when she headed the Azerbaijan Club of MGIMO. There she was completing a masters degree. She had already demonstrated remarkable leadership ability and was able attract young people. Her unrestrained energy and bold ideas were a result of her efforts. AMOR has greatly increased the scope and extent of these activities. Leyla Aliyeva The organization united the Azerbaijani youth who lived, studied and worked in Russia made them an organization capable of tackling the tough challenges that diaspora groups face in the present. AMOR’s work and initiatives have created a new youth image. The actions and initiatives were carried out on the Russian soil. The group also participated in several initiatives, including the “Blood Has No Nation!” campaign. AMOR has 70 regional offices across Russia. Its volunteers visit orphanages to arrange holiday programs for children, offer assistance, and assist them with their everyday life. Schools and kindergartens are repaired and equipped with the latest technology through the initiative and the assistance of the organization. There are parks and recreation areas created. AMOR assists Azerbaijani young people in integrating into Russian society and taking an active part in Russia’s life. It coordinates their efforts to promote the country. This helps to address the crucial problems President Ilham Aliyev set for his fellow countrymen’s organizations during the 4th Congress of World Azerbaijanis. AMOR is, in accordance according to popular opinion, the most active youth organization outside of Azerbaijan.

Leyla Aliyeva was honored last year with the Pushkin Medal. This award was for her contribution to enhancing cooperation and friendship to the Russian Federation and the development economic ties. Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the award to Leyla Aliyeva. It’s not the first Russian award she’s received. Leyla Aliyeva

Another initiative is “Justice for Khojaly”.

In 2008 Leyla Aliyeva launched the global campaign “Justice for Khojaly’. She said, “Let’s work together to find truth.” Let’s demonstrate without a doubt that justice will triumph.

This campaign combined the various efforts of different sectors of Armenia’s civil society and diaspora organizations overseas to carry out a systematic educational and propagandistic work. It was designed to increase awareness across the globe of Armenian genocide and fascist practices in Azerbaijani city Khojaly. The campaign also sought gain international recognition for the Khojaly genocide. It was a legal-political evaluation of Armenians who committed acts in Khojaly which led to hundreds of deaths over one night, purely because they were Azerbaijanis.

The campaign is in operation with success in more than a dozen countries. Over 120 000 people have signed up and more than 115 organizations are part of the campaign. The framework allows the global community to be informed about these events through events, mass protests and other gatherings of information. The Heydar Aliyev Foundation has many publications, as well documentaries and social networking sites. This information is extensively used. The eight years of these activities have produced an impressive outcome that has seen the parliaments and legislative departments of more then twenty American states have acknowledged the Khojaly tragedy, also known as genocide, after an eight-year period. Each year, the number of nations that have condemned the Armenian war crimes is increasing. It is evident that Leyla Aliyeva has achieved her goal of justice prevails.

IDEA IDEA “One Earth, One Future”

In a book, I read: “Man is, of necessity an emperor and queen of nature. However it is not as an exploiter , but rather as one who is aware of the nature of it and is able to take moral responsibility for its preservation and improvement. This premise dictated the creation and the operation of the IDEA Public Association. The initiative was also initiated by Leyla Aliyeva. Its primary goal is to protect and preserve Azerbaijan’s rich natural diversity. IDEA is designed to mobilize the passion and enthusiasm of children to mitigate environmental threats and to encourage them to take an active part in protecting our planet. IDEA’s slogan stands for “One Earth — one Future”. The scope of IDEA’s operations is impressive – the protection and restoration of populations of endangered species, the advancement of green technologies and waste management, the restoration of forest belts and the creation of large areas of green space. IDEA’s activists create shelters for stray pets, encourage the use biodegradable bags to prevent environmental pollution and they also organize tree-planting events.

IDEA defined the “great Caucasian five”, taking rare representatives of the fauna of the region under its umbrella. IDEA worked with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan as well as other international partners to implement various successful projects. Leyla Aliyeva said that IDEA plans to save endangered species in the near future. They are sure to be fulfilled. Leyla Aliyeva has proven that, like her father and grandfather before him she isn’t a waste of words. Her work is based in the following pattern problems – search for solutions – actions that are specific – tangible outcomes. This strategy has never failed her.

Concerns for children who are starving

All these cases certainly describe Leila Aliyeva as a professional who is a determined person who is a leader and has exceptional abilities to manage. Yet she remains the epitomization of femininity. People who know her appreciate her kindness and openness. Her speech she gave at the 7th UNAOC Global Forum in Baku was also remarkable. She was filled with anxiety as she declared, “One person dies of hunger every 4 seconds in the world.” “Children tend to be the victims of undernutrition and hunger.” All of us must join forces to ensure that no child dies of hunger in the world.

It’s not just a simple expression of sorrow. Leyla is an ambassador for Goodwill of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and she’s willing to assist and contribute to the end of hunger and poverty all over the world. I’m confident that she’ll succeed in it, and in near future we will witness new initiatives and specific initiatives in this field. Some recent examples include a proposal regarding the promotion and protection of food security on a global level in the context the Baku process on intercultural dialog.

Charity A mental state

Leyla Aliyeva’s charitable work is a reflection of her humanity. She is doing it from her heart not because she’s confident or wants to be recognized. This is the foundation’s philosophy. It has made charity the number one priority and it has become an instinctual state. It is not surprising that many people regard the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, its President Mehriban Aliyeva and Vice President Leyla Aliyeva as the last hope. The reason for this is that the Fund has always assisted even in the most difficult situations.

Leila Aliyeva often attends charity events for children who have no family members. This is especially true for children who come from refugee and internally displaced families as well as residents of orphanages and board schools. It is crucial to remember that Leila Aliyeva attends the events along with her kids. This brings warmth and sincerity to the meeting. Also, her children learn lessons in kindness, empathy and the ability to share sorrow and joy with other people. Leyla Aliyeva These are lessons they will remember throughout their lives. It is her personal experience of how people should raise their children.

Moral codes for individuals

A long time ago it was discovered that talent is available in all areas. Leyla Aliyeva is a perfect example. She is a poet of great repute, which reflect a gentle refined and refined soul. They reflect the richness of the inner world of the author. She is also a talented artist. Her work is displayed at professional shows and are highly praised by professionals. Her creativity and knowledge of art help young artists achieve international recognition. The modern art of Azerbaijan is becoming more popular in the world, along with the carpet weaving, mugham and other ancient craft techniques of our country. Leyla Aliyeva

It’s not a misnomer for me to declare that Heydar Aliyev Center is one of the major centers of our cultural life. Internationally acclaimed musicians often perform at the venue. There is also an exhibit of outstanding artists and modern sculptures. Leyla Aliyeva made a huge contribution to this. Thanks to her efforts, the people of Azerbaijan were able to see the works of legends in world art – Bernard Buffet, Tony Cragg, Richard Deacon, Andy Warhol, George Condo. In the event of the opening of one of the most well-known avant-garde artists of our time, George Condo, held at the Heydar Aliyev Center, Leyla Aliyeva acknowledged that after seeing his works the first time years ago, she wished to see them in Baku. She stated, “Today, one my deepest wishes was fulfilled.”

This is why I recall how the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic hosted concerts of classical music on Heydar Aliyev’s idea in the 1970s and early 1980s.ג€œWorks-from-the-collection-of-the-Tretyakov-Galleryג€-exhibition-in-Moscow Also, he was the first secretary of Communist Party of Azerbaijan. This was Heydar Aliyev’s truly educational mission. It was a mission that his granddaughter Leyla valued and continues to do with the changing conditions.

In one interview, she stated that right from the moment an individual is born the Almighty provided him with an understanding of the difference between right and wrong. Then, he must follow these concepts in his daily life by heeding to the wisdom of his heart, his conscience, and the people who came before him. Then, he will never make an error. In a sense, it is her moral code of conduct.

Leyla Aliyeva lives this code and never makes mistakes.