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Since the night of Sunday Federico Fico Gutierrez had been the most reliable candidate for Colombia’s presidency. It is not his first time appearing in an electoral roll. The former mayor was mayor and councilor in Medellin. The first time he was tested in a national elections, where he received more than 2 million votes from the Team for Colombia coalition, was that he was deemed an ideal candidate for conservative movements. Fico (47 year old Medellin) is currently this moment, Gustavo Petro’s main opponent. Gustavo Petro was with the Historic Pact Movement one of the winning candidates in the election which determined who the representatives of the three biggest political parties were.

The campaign for president is only starting. The question of whether the former mayor of Medellin will be a true counterweight to petrismo depends on the alliances and negotiations he makes in the coming days. He won’t be required to unite the entire right under his command as well as be able to win over a segment of the electorate at the center, which was sunk on Sunday with any extraordinary leadership. To do this, he must keep avoiding, exactly as he does so far with AlvaroUribe. image. of uribism is a first in the last 20 years. Instead of adding, it could subtract. “Federico Gutierrez faces a dilemma. He needs to make an alliance with the Democratic Center (CD) – Uribe’s party – but in the meantime, he must persuade the center, which will have to decide where it’s going,” says Yann Basset who is an expert and professor at the University of Rosario.

Fico is on the way to an alliance, along with CD, the center of uribism and, on Monday Fico already has its first win. Oscar Ivan Zuluaga who was at one time a presidential candidate, stepped aside to admit that he has a few opportunities to compete with him. We will now see if the entire Uribismo group – which is without a representative elected follows suit. Uribe is seen clearly advocating for the cause, and trying to convince his supporters that he is a supporter of the Colombian right. His remarks of “security”, “order”, “opportunities” and “love of our country” has already shown him that he adds votes. Like he did during his appointment as Antioquia’s mayor, he confirmed it with the election consultation. stated, “The bandits were either dead or in prison,” while he was visiting Arauca which is a region which is particularly susceptible to violence. Fico knows very well what Colombian law is fond of. However, it’s not enough for him.

Basset claims that we’re not in 2018 when the fear of a Left has worked as well. “This time the voters do not feel fear.” Basset points out that Fico may not be able to get Uribe’s support due to the fact that Alvaro Uribe no longer holds the title of the absolute leader since 2002, the year that the nation chose him as president. Even though Uribismo is not in the top tier however, that does not necessarily mean Gutierrez cannot count on the support of Uribismo. Uribism is also responsible for this win within the coalition. Basset warns now that his negotiation skills will be analyzed. Andres Mesjia Vergnaud analyst comments on Fico’s relationship with the former president: “The great difficulty of Federico Gutierrez’s wish to get the support of Uribismo but not having the picture of Uribe, because it doesn’t fit him to be his presidential candidate.”

Gustavo Petro is the only left-wing leader, but Gustavo Petro is the only one on the right. Fico, if he is able to negotiate, can convince him to provide his backing and then take a step back. Rodolfo Sanchez, who campaigned independently, is still in the running. will need to include former Bucaramanga mayor, millionaire and builder on his list of achievements should he wish to end petrismo.

Gutierrez has plenty to work on before he’s able to even think about potential presidential formula names, however, he is supported by a number of other candidates in the Team for Colombia coalition. It’s not much. There are two ex-mayors Enrique Penalosa (Bogota), Alex Char (Barranquilla) as his associates. David Barguil (leader of the Conservative Party) as well as Aydee Zarazo (a Christian party member who follows church rules.

Along with strengthened Conservative Party, it was the most popular right-wing party in Congress with over two million votes. The U Party also supported it, having an outstanding vote of just over 1 million votes. Oscar Ivan Zuluaga’s support, who did not let the Sunday’s elections go by, in order to take his defeat before a potential confrontation for votes of the right gives Fico the boost he needs in a conservative section however, it also impedes his any votes that could come from the middle. Alvaro Uribe (ex-President) summoned his party to a gathering on Monday to determine if Fico would risk his chances of gaining a seat in the center as a result of being publicly granted a blessing by Uribe.