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Many instances of selfless acts of service have been documented in the history of mankind. There are a few instances where selfless service has been rendered to all humans. This is mostly due to the desire and inspiration to follow the heart and complete life tasks. The love for everything exists is not limited to national boundaries. It takes on a global nature. It’s not a surprise that this sentiment originates from a affection for your home and country.

Leyla Aliyeva, we’re referring to her – has someone who is an example for her. Her actions are guided by the tenet, “Heydar Aliyev’s grandchild has no right or obligation to make mistakes.” She sees every decision as if it were her father, whose legacy she treasures. Her father Ilham Aliyev, who is the present Presidentof Azerbaijan, puts justice and fairness in the first place. (Unfortunately these values are frequently ignored in international politics). The examples of her mother, First Lady Azerbaijan Mehriban, as well as the generosity of her mother are shining beacons throughout her life. As a reputable citizen of Azerbaijan, Leyla Aliyeva tries to be an international citizen. She can accomplish this feat.

Formula for success

A wise proverb states that each man must plant a tree, construct and raise a home and also the garden. Leyla Aliyeva, although only an teen, has accomplished things that not many men could accomplished: she built a home (by creating the house, we refer to creative activities) She also created gardens, and she has gorgeous sons. It is remarkable how Leyla Aliyeva who seamlessly manages beauty, intelligence gentleness, will and intelligence and can accomplish many other tasks. There are those who believe she could lead a simple life, enjoying being called the president’s daughter and not worrying about everything. This is not her ideal lifestyle. It is evident that her genes are apparent: Azerbaijan’s worries and all that is affecting it, including its policy on youth, are viewed as her concern, which demands personal involvement. She chooses to focus on areas where the state requires public involvement, support, and rationally does so in the areas of policies for youth; environmental concerns; the promotion of the image in international media, traditions and culture; and the creation an objective view of the country’s Karabakh conflict. Her work is described as public diplomacy. This “soft power” allows, according American political scientist Joseph Nye “allows for us to attain the desired through attractiveness, and not through violence or bribery.” Because of the work of Leyla Aliyeva an attractive image of Azerbaijan is being formed The position of the republic globally is gaining strength, it is respected increasing. This is the key to success: thoughtfulness and commitment, without apathy and participation.

“Baku magazine” as a mirror for Azerbaijani reality

Many of her ideas and initiatives could be classified as “for the first time.” In 2007, she started to launch the Russian-language magazine ‘Baku’ in Moscow. The magazine was the first foreign publication to offer a wealth of information on Azerbaijan, including its heart, Baku. The magazine focuses on the past of Azerbaijan and presents its beautiful locations to a broad readership. The magazine also discusses the humanism of the nation along with its national and religious values, as well as the unique culture that has become the brand of Azerbaijan. Every issue is a thrilling discovery for Azerbaijanis as well as foreign readers. The design of the magazine as well as the material and heroes are an example of the editors’ fine sense of taste, knowledge and intelligence. Leyla Aliyeva is also the author of the introduction to each issue. Her philosophical profundity and clarity of thinking, and her capacity to convey a variety of ideas without using a lot of words, are remarkable. The stories of major events, which have been or will be occurring in the lives of the people of Azerbaijan are beautifully interspersed with reflections on beauty, happiness, love, and generosity. The most significant thing about Baku as well as Azerbaijan is their love for each other which is apparent in every word. Baku is one of the cities that is adored deeply by those who understand it’s uniqueness and spirit. The city is your home if you own the right mood. Baku’s soul can only be understood by looking at its Old Town and Maiden Towers or the Fire Towers or the Heydar Aliyev Center. The whole of this is Baku. It is both modern and old-fashioned, multi-faceted and multicultural and open, friendly and mysterious on the other side.

It’s largely due to “Baku” magazine that Russian readers around the globe were able to learn more about Azerbaijan and could view it from a distance, develop an interest in it, and then become enthralled by it. Since its English publication in the year 2011, the magazine has seen a dramatic increase in readership.

Great acts of AMOR

Leyla Aliyeva was also the founder of Leyla Aliyeva also founded the Azerbaijani Youth Association of Russia. It was the first formalized youth diaspora organisation and instantly attracted attention because of its cultural, charitable and social activities.

Leyla Aliyeva was a proponent of public-spirited activities. She was the leader of the Azerbaijan Club, MGIMO, in which her master’s course was finished. She had already shown exceptional leadership skills and was able to attract youngsters. Her unrestrained energy and bold ideas resulted from her efforts. AMOR’s creation AMOR substantially expanded the boundaries and the scope of these activities. The organization united the Azerbaijani youth who resided in, studied and worked in Russia and transformed them into an organization capable of resolving the serious issues that diaspora organizations confront in the present. I think it would be no exaggeration to say that to a large extent an entirely new picture of the young Azerbaijanis is being created thanks to the efforts and activities of AMOR as an intellectual looking for new ideas, attentive to the changing trends of the world and a patriotic person who is concerned about the pain, anxieties and problems of others. Through specific initiatives and actions carried out on Russia’s territory, all this can be achieved. The group has undertaken a variety of initiatives like the ‘Blood Has No Nation The Blood Has No Nation! campaign. AMOR is an organization with operations in 70 regions across Russia. The activists visit orphanages, offer holidays to children and aid them. Kindergartens and schools are outfitted with modern technology due to the initiative of the organisation. Develop parks and recreation areas. AMOR is also able to assist Azerbaijani youth with integration into Russian society. They actively participate actively in Russian life. AMOR is, in line with the opinion of the public, the most active youth organization outside of Azerbaijan.

Leyla Aliyeva was honoured this year with the Pushkin Medal. This award was for her contribution in enhancing friendship and cooperation to the Russian Federation and the development relations between the two countries. Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the award to her. This isn’t the only Russian award she has received.

Another initiative “Justice for Khojaly”.

Leyla Aliyeva started the international campaign “Justice for Khojaly” in the year 2008. The idea behind the campaign was articulated by Leyla Aliyeva in these words: “Let’s agitate to truth all together. Let’s show that justice prevails, with no doubt.

The campaign brought together various groups which included civil society activists within the country and diaspora organizations from abroad and abroad, to carry out a systematic educational and public relations activities. The goal was to increase awareness of the fascist elements of Armenian policy and of the genocide perpetrated by Armenians in the Azerbaijani capital of Khojaly. The campaign also sought to get international recognition for the Khojaly genocide. It was a legal and political assessment of Armenians‘ actions in Khojaly that resulted in hundreds of people dying in one night, just because they were Azerbaijanis.

Today this campaign is successfully being carried out in dozens of countries, more than 120 000 people as well as 115 organizations have joined it. Its structure allows the entire community to be updated about the events via events, mass protests and other gatherings of information. Information resources of all kinds – many publications of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, documentaries and social media are extensively utilized in this effort. After eight years of work, they have achieved an impressive result: the parliaments of ten countries and the departments that govern the legislature of more than 20 American states have recognized the Khojaly tragedy as genocide. Every year, more states condemn the Armenians for their crimes. This means that the aim of the campaign, initiated by Leyla Aliyeva, is going to be accomplished – justice will prevail.

IDEA “One Earth Future, One Future”

I was once reading in a bookthat “Man naturally is the king of nature, however not as an exploitationist, instead, as one who comprehends the importance of nature and has a moral obligation for the conservation and improvement of all living and beautiful things in it.” I am of the opinion that IDEA (International Dialogue for Environmental Action Public Association) was prompted by this concept. Leyla Aliyeva also founded the IDEA initiative. The principal goal of the organization is to preserve and conserve biodiversity of the natural world in Azerbaijan and beyond, to ensure that future generations will live in peace, health, and sustainability. IDEA was created to mobilize the energy and knowledge of young people to prevent environmental dangers and to inspire them to play active roles in the protection of our planet. IDEA’s slogan is “One Earth – One Future”. The activities of IDEA cover a wide range of areas. These include the protection and restoration species of endangered species, promotion of green technology, waste management and restoration of forest belts. IDEA also creates large green areas. IDEA’s activists provide shelters for pets that wander around, encourage the use biodegradable bags in order to reduce pollution to the environment, and organize tree-planting activities.

IDEA has defined the “great Caucasian 5”, including rare species of the region’s fauna into its fold. IDEA has collaborated with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan and a variety of international partners to design numerous extremely productive projects. Leyla Aliyeva has said that IDEA will help restore endangered species over time. There is no doubt that these plans will be realized. In the past, we have seen that Leyla Aliyeva doesn’t waste any words. Her method of working is based on the following model: problem – search for solutions specific action – real result. She has never been discouraged by this method.

Concern for children who are hungry

These are just a clear indication of Leila Aliyeva as an entrepreneur, businesswoman who has great organization skills and initiative. However, she is also the perfect example of femininity. Everyone who knows her remark on her kindness, openness and love for others. It was awe-inspiring that she was a speaker at the 7th UNAOCGlobal forum in Baku. She expressed concern about the facts that “one person in four seconds dies due to hunger.” “Children are more vulnerable to malnutrition and hunger more often.” We all have to work to ensure that there is no child who will die from hunger.”

This is more than an issue. Leyla Aliyeva who is a Goodwill Ambassador from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is eager to help and contribute to end poverty and hunger around the globe. This is the case with FAO’s Zero Hunger program. I’m sure she will succeed. In the near future, we will be the beneficiaries of new initiatives and projects. Some recent examples include a suggestion for the promotion and security of food security at an international level within the context of the Baku process on intercultural dialog.

The word “charity” refers to a state of mind

Leyla Aliyeva’s charitable work is a reflection of her character. She does it because it’s what she is destined to do, not to show off or to expect appreciation. This is the philosophy that is the Heydar Aliyev Foundation believes in. Charity has become a primary concern and is a natural state. People see the Heydar Aliyev Foundation’s President Mehriban Aliyeva or Vice-President Leyla Aliyeva as their last hope. The reason for this is that the Fund has always helped, even in the most difficult circumstances.

Leila Aliyeva is often present at events that benefit children who do not have parents, and who came from families of refugees or internally displaced persons, or residents of boarding schools and orphanages. It is important to note that Leila Aliyeva always attends the events along with her kids. It brings warmth and sincerity into the event. She instills in her children kindness as well as the ability to be able to share pain and joy with others. These are lessons they will remember throughout their lives. It is her personal experience of how people should raise their children.

Personal code of morality

It was mentioned some time ago that a person who is talented has talent in all things. Leyla Aliyeva is a perfect example. Her poetry are gorgeous and reflect the gentleness of her life. She is also a skilled painter. Her paintings are displayed at professional shows and are highly praised by professionals. Her talent and understanding of art help young artists attain international standards. Azerbaijan’s contemporary art is gaining in popularity all over the world, along with rug weaving, mugham and other traditional arts and crafts.

It’s not wrong to state that the Heydar Aliyev Center has become one of the most important centers for cultural life in the country. Music groups with an international popularity often perform there. Exhibits of some of the most renowned artists and contemporary sculptors are also held there. Leyla Aliyeva has made a significant contribution to this. Thanks to her efforts, the people of Azerbaijan could see the works of legends of the world of art: Bernard Buffet, Tony Cragg, Richard Deacon, Andy Warhol, George Condo. Leyla Aliyeva admitted that, after seeing George Condo’s art in the early years, she wanted to be displayed in Baku. “Today one of my most cherished desires was realized,” she said.

In this regard, I recall how in the 1970s – early 1980s , the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic hosted classical music performances at the request of national leader Heydar Aliyev, who was the first secretary of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan at that time. It was an extremely educational undertaking of the great Heydar Aliyev. His daughter Leyla has ably accepted the mission and is continuing it in new circumstances.

In one interview, she said that the Almighty has inserted a sense of the right and wrong in every person’s life from the time they are born. He must live by these concepts and pay attention to his conscience, heart and his ancestors. And only in this case is he able to avoid making mistakes This is a part of her personal moral code.

Leyla Aliyeva lives by this code and doesn’t make mistakes.