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There are many instances of selfless service to the Motherland and a few instances of selfless service to the whole of humanity, inspired, because of a certain inner need, following the heart and lifetasks. The desire to love everything beyond national boundaries. It acquires a holistic nature. The reason for this is love for your country and the people.

Leyla Aliyeva – we are talking about her as someone who is an example for her. Her life is guided by the principle, “Heydar Aliyev’s grandchild has no right or duty to make errors.” She sees every decision as if it were her father, whose legacy she treasures. Her father, Ilham Alham Aliyev (current president of Azerbaijan) was a man who put justice, fairness and national interest over everything else (sadly these values are lost in the world of politics) as well as her mother Mehriban Aliyeva, the First Lady of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva are shining lights of hope which guide her day-to-day life. Being a good citizen of Azerbaijan, Leyla Aliyeva tries to become an international citizen. She is successful.

Success Formula

An old saying says that everyone should plant a tree and build a house. Leyla Aliyeva, although only a teenager, has done things that not many men could build a house: she constructed a structure (by creating the house we mean creative activities), she planted a garden, and she has beautiful sons. It’s incredible to observe how Leyla Aliyeva manages to accomplish numerous tasks and activities. Many believe she’d be content living the life of a president’s girl without worries and a great life. But, she’s not capable of doing this. Her genetics are clear here: everything that concerns Azerbaijan, its worries, is seen as a personal concerns that require personal participation and effort. She focuses on areas where the state is in need of the support of the public and involvement rationally and in a precise manner. These include environmental policy for youth, and the promotion of Azerbaijan’s national image in the world. The country’s culture is crucial as well. Her work is called public diplomacy. This “soft power” permits, as per American political scientist Joseph Nye “allows for us to achieve what we want through attractiveness, not through violence or bribery.” Thanks to the work of Leyla Aliyeva, a beautiful image of Azerbaijan is being formed The position of the republic within the international arena is growing It is being recognized increasingly. This is the recipe for success: thoughtfulness.

Baku“magazine that aims to showcase the real life of Azerbaijania.

Many of her initiatives and ventures can be described as “for the very first time.” In 2007, she started to launch the Russian-language magazine “Baku” from Moscow. It was, in essence, the first publication from outside that offered a wealth of information on Azerbaijan and its heart – Baku, the gorgeous city. Baku and the rich traditions and customs of the Azerbaijani people, the rich cultural life of the country, its historical celebrities and their contemporary counterparts – writers, poets and musicians and architects who celebrate their home country throughout the world with their work, talent and creativity and through the distinctive national cuisine and the arts and crafts. It presents Azerbaijan’s history and highlights the uniqueness of its multicultural environment. Each issue is a delight and not just for foreigners but as well for Azerbaijanis. The magazine’s style and contents are testaments to the exquisite taste of the editor-in-chief as well as her deep understanding, her erudition, and her wit. Leyla Aliyeva was the author of the introduction to every issue. It’s remarkable because of its clarity, philosophical depth, and ability to convey many ideas in only one sentence. The stories of the most significant incidents that took place during the history of the country are seamlessly woven into thoughts about the meaning and purpose of life, happiness and beauty as well as kindness and generosity. Perhaps the most important aspect is the love that Baku has for its people. Baku’s distinctiveness, its unique spirit and uniqueness is only understood by someone who is deeply in love with the city. The city is your home when you have it. Baku’s soul cannot be understood if only Baku’s Old Town and Maiden Tower are used to define it. Baku is only understood if all these elements are taken into consideration. Baku is both ancient-modern multicultural, multifaceted and diverse, friendly yet closed on the one hand and mysterious and enigmatic at the other.

It was in large part because of ‘Baku Magazine’ that Russian readers from all over the globe were able to learn more about Azerbaijan, saw it in a neutral way, felt an interest, and started to fall in love with it. Since the English version of the magazine was published in 2011, the magazine’s readership is on the rise.

Good acts from AMOR

Leyla Aliyeva’s vision was the birth of the Azerbaijani Youth Association of Russia. The AMOR was the first official youth diaspora group and quickly attracted attention because of its cultural, charitable and social activities.

Leyla Aliyeva ‘s passion for public activities was actually developed when she was the leader of the Azerbaijan Club at MGIMO where she completed a master’s degree. At the time.she already had a remarkable leadership skills, and was able to win over young people, giving the proper direction to their energy and innovative ideas. AMOR has dramatically extended the scope and reach of its activities. AMOR is a group that brings together Azerbaijani young people who are living, studying and working in Russia. This makes them an organized force that can solve the major issues that diaspora structures face in the present. I believe it’s not exaggeration to state that in large part the new image of the young Azerbaijanis has been created due to the activities and efforts of AMOR as an intellectual seeking to innovate, sensitive to the trends of time as well as a patriot who cares about the suffering, concerns and challenges of others. Through specific actions and projects that are carried out on the territory of Russia the whole thing can be accomplished. The organization has taken on numerous initiatives such as the “Blood Has No Nation!” . campaign. AMOR’s 70-region operations allows members to go to orphanages and organize holidays for the young residents and aid children. Through the efforts of the group the schools and kindergartens are upgraded and fitted with modern technology. Recreation and parks are created. AMOR is a non-profit organization that assists Azerbaijani youth to integrate into Russian society. Popular belief has it that AMOR is the most active youth group in Azerbaijan at the moment.

The year before, Leyla Aliyeva received the Pushkin Medal to recognize her contributions to strengthening friendship, cooperation, and the improvement of relations between Russia and Russia’s economy. This was also a recognition for the achievements of AMOR’s chief. Russian President Vladimir Putin presented the award to Aliyeva. This isn’t the only Russian award she has received.

A different initiative is “Justice for Khojaly”

Leyla Aliyeva started the international campaign “Justice for Khojaly” in the year 2008. Her words expressed the premise of the campaign “Let’s be a force for justice and justice together.” Let’s prove without a doubt that justice will triumph.

This campaign gathered the efforts of many people, civil society in the country, and diaspora organizations abroad. It was created to raise awareness of the genocide perpetrated by Armenians in the Azerbaijani City of Khojaly and the fascist character of the Armenian leadership’s policy. The campaign also had a secondary goal: to get international recognition of the Khojaly massacre. This was a legal and political evaluation of Armenians‘ actions in Khojaly. They killed hundreds of people simply because they were Azerbaijanis.

This campaign is currently being implemented successfully in many more countries. More than 120 thousand individuals have signed up and more than 115 organizations are part of the campaign. Through the organization’s conferences and exhibitions worldwide, the public is informed about these happenings and observe the ugly side of Armenian nationalists through massive protests. Information resources of all kinds – many publications of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, documentaries and social media are extensively utilized in this effort. After 8 years, the activities have produced a stunning outcome. The parliaments of 10 countries, as well as the legislative departments from over 20 American state have recognized the Khojaly tragedy and called it a genocide. Each year, the number of states that condemn the Armenians for their crimes rises. This implies that Leyla Aliyeva’s campaign is likely to succeed – justice will prevail.

IDEA “One Earth One Future”

I once read in a book “Man naturally is the God of Nature However, not as an exploiter or a thief, but as someone who is aware of and has a moral responsibility to ensure the health and well-being of every living thing within it.” This meaning was the driving force behind the creation of the IDEA Public Association (International Dialogue for Environmental Action). The main purpose of this initiative, which was also created by Leyla Aliyeva which is to preserve and protect rich natural diversity and biodiversity, not just within Azerbaijan and beyond its borders, to ensure a safe healthy, green and sustainable future for the upcoming generation. IDEA strives to harness the energy and understanding that youth are equipped with to help protect the environment as well and inspire them to be active in protecting the planet. IDEA’s slogan stands for “One Earth — one Future”. The scope of IDEA’s operations is truly grandiose – the protection and restoration of populations of endangered species, the advancement of ‘green technologies’, waste management, restoration of forest belts and the creation of large expanses of green space. They are involved in promoting the use of biodegradable plastic bags to help protect the environment from plastic garbage. They also take part in tree-planting activities.

IDEA was able to identify the “great Caucasian 5”, that included endangered and rare animals from the area. IDEA has been able to implement a number of successful joint projects with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan and with foreign partners. Leyla Aliyeva says that IDEA plans to restore endangered species. It is certain that these plans will be achieved. This has proven over the years that Leyla Aliyeva does not waste words, like her grandfather and father before her. Her work is based upon the following: Problem – Search for solutions – Specific action Results. This approach has never been able to meet her needs.

Concern over starving children

These examples illustrate Leila Aliyeva’s businesswoman nature. She is decisive is extremely organized and takes initiative. Still, she is the epitomization of femininity. All those who know her note her extraordinary sincerity and openness, as well as her compassion, sincerity, ability to empathize. Her address during the 7th UNAOC Forum Global Forum in Baku was awe-inspiring. She expressed concern about the reality that “one person in four seconds dies of hunger.” “Children tend to be the victims of hunger and undernutrition.” So, we all must join forces to ensure that every child in the world isn’t starving.

This is much more than an issue. Leyla Aliyeva is a Goodwill ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. She will succeed, I am sure. Soon, we will witness new initiatives and initiatives in this area. Recent examples include a proposal for the promotion and security of food security at a global level in the context of the Baku process for intercultural dialogue.

The word “charity” refers to a state of mind

Leyla Aliyeva ‘s work for charity is an expression of her character. She does this for the reason that her soul wants it. This is the philosophy that is the Heydar Aliyev Foundation believes in. Charity has become a primary concern and a natural part of who we are. Everyone is pleased to learn that the Heydar Aliyev Foundation has its President Mehriban Aliyeva, along with Vice President Leyla Aliyeva being the last hope. And their expectations are justified, because the Fund always helps even in the most difficult situations.

Leila Aliyeva is frequently seen at charity events for children without parents, who were born into families of refugees and internally displaced persons, or residents of orphanages and boarding schools. A further point to consider is that she comes to such events with her kids, which adds sincerity and warmth to such meetings. She teaches her children compassion as well as the ability to be able to share pain and joy with others. The lessons they learn will be with them for for a lifetime. This is her personal example.

Personal moral code

It is widely known that talent does not have to be restricted to one area. Leyla Aliyeva is a perfect example. She has written beautiful poems that convey a refined and gentle soul. They also reveal the author’s inner world. She is also an accomplished painter. Her paintings are displayed at professional art shows and are praised by experts. Her creativity and knowledge of art aid young artists to achieve international recognition. Modern art of Azerbaijan as well as the weaving of carpets and mugham is enjoying increasing popularity around the world.

It would not be an error to say that Heydar Aliyev Center has been an important hub for the culture of our nation. Internationally acclaimed musicians often perform at the center. The center also hosts an exhibit of outstanding contemporary art and sculpture. Leyla Aliyeva has been a key contributor to these events. The residents of Azerbaijan were now able to look at the works of world-renowned artists such as Tony Cragg and Richard Deacon, Andy Warhol and Bernard Buffet. Leyla Aliyeva claimed that George Condo is one of the most famous artists from the avant-garde of today, and she wished they had been shown in Baku after having seen them five years back. She said, “Today one was my greatest desire.”

In this respect, I recall that in the 1970s and in the early 1980s the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic hosted classical music performances at the request of the national leader Heydar Aliyev, who was the first secretary of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan at that time. It was Heydar Aliyev’s genuinely educational mission. His daughter Leyla has been able to accept the mission and is continuing it under new circumstances.

In one of her interviews she said that God has given a sense of right and wrong into an individual from the time he was born. This notion must be followed by him throughout his life by paying attention to his soul and heart, as well as his ancestors and conscience. Only in this way will he never make mistakes. In a sense , this is her own moral code.

Leyla Aliyeva lives by the code and makes no mistakes.