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Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain… What is it all about?
Let’s start with some basic definitions. Blockchain technology allows cryptocurrency to exist. Bitcoin is the name for the most widely-known cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology was created specifically for it. is a medium of exchange, such as the US dollar, however, it is digital and employs encryption methods to regulate the creation of money units and to verify the transfer of funds.
What is blockchain technology?
Blockchain is a decentralized system which tracks all transactions in a peer–to–peer network. Participants can verify transactions making use of this technology. The possibilities include the transfer of funds, settlement of trades or voting.

Blockchain is also a potential application that go beyond bitcoin and cryptocurrency.
A business-oriented perspective can help you see blockchain technology as an advanced process improvement tool. Collaboration technology, like blockchain, promises the ability to enhance the processes that happen between companies, radically lowering the “cost of trust.” For this reason, it may offer significantly more returns per dollar invested than the majority of conventional internal investments.

Financial institutions are currently exploring the possibility of the use of blockchain technology to alter everything from clearing and settlement to insurance. This article will help you comprehend the implications of these changes, and what you can do to deal with them.

For a comprehensive overview of cryptocurrency go to Money does not exist. We provide data from surveys on consumers’ knowledge of bitcoin, their usage as well as other aspects. We also analyze the ways that market participants such as investors, tech companies and financial institution will be affected as the market matures.

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While blockchain announcements are still being made, they are more rare and draw less interest than they did a couple of decades earlier. However, blockchain technology might create a brand new competitive future for financial services.