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Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain… What is it all about?
Let’s begin by defining definitions. Blockchain technology lets cryptocurrency exist. Bitcoin is the term that is given to the most widely-used cryptocurrency. It’s the one for which blockchain technology was developed. It can be used to exchange value like the US dollar. It is digital and employs encryption to control the creation of the currency and to verify the transfer.
What is blockchain technology?
Blockchains are a distributed ledger for every transaction that occurs on a peer network. Participants can verify transactions using this technology without the need of a central clearing agency. The possibilities include settlement trades, fund transfer or voting.

Blockchain has many uses which go beyond crypto and bitcoin.
Blockchain technology can be viewed from a business standpoint as a new type of business process improvement software. Blockchain technology is a technology that collaborates which promises to enhance the efficiency of business operations between businesses. This will dramatically lower the “cost-of-trust” and increase its appeal over traditional internal investments.

Financial institutions are investigating how blockchain technology could aid them in improving everything including clearing and settlement. These articles will explain how and why these developments are taking place.

A brief introduction to cryptocurrency is available in The purpose isn’t money . We review the early days of Bitcoin, and also provide information on consumer awareness, usage, etc. We also examine how investors, technology providers as well as financial institutions will be affected by this changing market.

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For a brief outline of blockchain in financial services, visit this page: Blockchain in financial services. We’ll look at the ways FS companies are using Blockchain and how the future of blockchain technology will appear. Blockchain isn’t a panacea however there are many problems for which this technology is the ideal solution.

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Blockchain announcements still occur infrequently, but they’re less frequent than in the past, and receive lesser attention from the media. Blockchain technology is still able to offer the potential to bring about a major transformation in the marketplace of the financial services sector.